Sexclubs and Laufhauses to Avoid in Vienna

A very important factor of the paysex scene is choosing the right place to do the deed in. Vienna is filled with numerous opportunities for paying for sex, but unfortunately not all of these places are recommended. As with every big city, Wien also has its share of establishments that scam or exploit their clients. Today, we are talking about the places that should be avoided when paying for sex in Vienna.

On the other hand, Vienna has some reputable and highly recommended places to visit as well. These sexclubs and brothels are known to take care of their clients, unlike the ones mentioned in this article. Our recommendation goes to these establishments, rather than the below mentioned blacklisted ones.

Without further ado, here are the places to avoid in Vienna and those that we are certainly not recommending to anybody:

1. Eve Bar

Eve Bar is undoubtedly at the top of the list of places to avoid in Vienna. We thought that we could stop reporting about this place, as it was closed for a while. Now rumors are coming up that Eve Bar is getting a new owner, so the warning must stay up. This is among the most expensive places in the city and clients who go there are ripped off more often than not.

Additionally, Eve Bar is known for their taxi scam that has been going on for a few years. They pay an absurdly high admission fee to taxi drivers to bring wealthy and drunk clients to them. Since they have to make a profit, they try to take as much out of the client’s pocket as they can. Overcharging clients’ credit cards has also been something synonymous with Eve Bar. The prices in Eve Bar also change if a client looks wealthy. If a guy has an expensive watch, clothes or shoes, a champagne can cost up to three times more than what another guy might pay. This establishment has zero online presence and they are not advertising anywhere on the web. The reason for this is simple; no tourist trap would want publicity to show their schemes, neither does Eve Bar.

Eve Bar hasn’t been a safe place that we would recommend in decades. Since nobody had the ability and skill or intent of running the place clean so far, there’s no reason to believe that this is changing with the new owners.

Summarized, here are the reasons we recommend avoiding Eve Bar at all costs:

  • Eve Bar is too expensive – one of the most expensive places in Vienna
  • The girls at Eve Bar are trained to scam the clients, and so is the staff
  • Taxi drivers are being paid fortunes by Eve Bar for any client they “sacrifice” and bring to their club. Because of this, taxi drivers are known to detour clients from their original destination and even talk down other places with lies.
  • The drinks and services go up in price if they see that a client is wealthy. A bottle of champagne can cost 200 euros for one person, while it can cost up to 700 for someone who looks rich.
  • Eve Bar is a known tourist trap and this is exactly the reason why they don’t have a website or any online presence.

If you wish to read more about this blacklisted establishment, check out our older Eve Bar review by clicking here. You can also read about the Eve Bar taxi scam in this article that we published.

2. Claudia’s Bar

Although Claudia’s Bar has somewhat of an original site with the girls spreading their legs and showing private parts, this is still not a place that we would recommend to any guy with standards. The sexclub is located in the 10th district, which is among the worst in Vienna, so the clientele going there is not very distinguished. The rooms in Claudia’s Bar are small but nice and the prices are reasonable, however, finding a good girl is like playing the lottery. A couple of bad reviews have also recently come to our attention, which is one of the reasons why it is listed here. Because of this, we cannot vouch or recommend going to Claudia’s Bar at all.

3. Laufhaus Juchgasse

Laufhaus Juchgasse is also among the places that we recommend avoiding in Vienna. This Laufhaus is the oldest one in Vienna and it is also the oldest looking too. Being one of the first Laufhauses in Wien should come with a level of respect and fame, but their reputation hasn’t been the best to say the least. Unfortunately, local forums have been crawling with negative reviews and complaints about the girls who work there; and this has been happening for years.

Laufhaus Juchgasse Vienna

The main problem with Laufhaus Juchgasse is that the girls there often don’t satisfy the clients as they should. Even though most of the rooms are constantly occupied, the girls’ service level is very low when you consider the price that you’re paying. Here are some of the bad reviews that we published about Laufhaus Juchgasse girls over the years:

Thankfully, there are a couple of girls who work in Laufhaus Juchgasse who are praised by clients. For example, Samira is a highlight and a gem many people in Vienna still cherish. Check out our reviews of Samira:

However, there are many bad reports about other Laufhaus girls on local monger forums. Since as it seems more people are complaining about Laufhaus Juchgasse rather than praising it, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend going to this Laufhaus. It is still safe to go to Laufhaus Juchgasse, but there are better and newer alternatives. Places that have a modern interior and more girls that use less Photoshop on their pictures.

4. Contact Center Laufhaus

The only reason why we are not recommending Contact Center Laufhaus is the fact that it doesn’t really function as a Laufhaus at all. The girls working there are absent more often than not when you come by. Contact Center Laufhaus operates more like an escort location or maybe a bigger studio. This is also a clear AO location which usually means bad service from the girls.

According to our sources, Contact Center Laufhaus has recently been taken over by new owners. The new owners are generally a respectable group of people who have other smaller locations as well. However, we really wouldn’t recommend choosing this place, especially if you are looking for a real Laufhaus; there are much better alternatives in Vienna. Again, it is safe to go to Contact Center Laufhaus, but it’s not recommended because of bad service and the fact that girls are often absent.

One of our forum members left a review of a girl from Contact Center Laufhaus. Check out the Warning about Contact Center Laufhaus forum thread to learn more!

Contact Center Laufhaus Vienna Wien


As we’ve previously stated, the sexclubs and Laufhauses on this list should be avoided whenever possible. There are far better alternatives, especially if you are looking for good service in a safe environment. Going with the above mentioned blacklisted places might very well end in a bad session or worse; getting scammed out of your money. So, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right place when you want to pay for sex.

There’s a thread on our forums where you can talk about these or other sexclubs and Laufhauses to avoid in Vienna. Join the conversation by clicking on the link.

The city of Vienna is among the best European countries when it comes to paying for sex. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out this Sextoplists article about the now!

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