Recent news in Vienna’s Pay Sex Scene 10/05

The most recent Vienna sex scene news

We’ve got a couple of Vienna sex scene news to inform you of, most of which are effective immediately.

1. Funpalast’s raised their entry fee

We’ll start things off by informing you that Funpalast has increased their entry fee! With absolutely no extra value added to their service, Funpalast has raised their entry fee from 80€ to 90€!

90 Euro Entry Fee Funpalast

Entry fee to Funpalast parties are now 100€ (it was 90€ before)

100 Euro Entry Fee to Funpalast's Parties

Other entry fees in Vienna’s Brothels

  • Goldentime – 90€
  • Fresh Saunaclub – 69€
  • Babylon – 150€
  • Maxim Wien – no entry fee

By doing this, Funpalast has equaled GT’s entry fee and it’s obvious that they can’t compare in service. GT has been asking 90€ for almost 2 years now, but with a fully renovated venue, better food and with a lot more and better looking girls. GT has also had a rough patch regarding prices earlier this year:
New Girls setting New Prices in GT Vienna.

Fresh Saunaclub is barely in the game anymore, although they’re “cheaper” with an entry fee of 69€, but don’t quite offer anything. Two relevant previous articles describing Fresh’s downfall

And then there’s Babylon which offers a lot but for the minimum of 150€, although we’re fully aware that Babylon is in another price range.

Antonia in Vienna Brothel Maxim Wien

On the other hand, Maxim is still asking NO ENTRY FEE whatsoever, despite the fact that they’ve improved on so many levels!

We mostly enjoy Maxim’s great lineup: as their
most recent newsletter
suggested Antonia and Skye are back and also Carla is back with two surprises for her clients – we’ll give you a hint: made from Silicone.

Another new thing in Maxim are the costume shows and the full striptease of all dancers.

The return of the Russian beauty, Skye

But let’s talk about Skye, the Russian sensation, actually one of the few remaining Russians gems in Vienna. Skye is from the former Soviet Union and always performs in Maxim whenever she gets to come to Vienna. Check out Skye’s image gallery:
and although we don’t know her personally, sources have indicated that Skye is – from head to toe – gorgeous. Also, Skye is by all means the best Stripper in Vienna, very bangable and also available for escort to the hotel.

Skye in Vienna Brothel Maxim Wien

2. New information on the shadier brothels in Vienna

Now that we’re done with the honest clubs, time to switch it over, see what the shadier clubs have been doing.

This brings us to our second piece of information: Eve Bar. We’ve previously covered Eve Bar’s scam or scheme:,
but we have more recent info on them.

So, they now give 65€ for the first customer to the taxi drivers, definitely preferring the drunk ones. Which is definitely part of their Eve Bar’s scam since most respectable Gentlemen clubs avoid drunk clients so that the good clientele doesn’t get bothered or distracted.

Eve Bar wants DRUNK clients!

But Eve Bar has a strategy devised around drunk clients – Eve Bar would even go as far as to simply open a bottle of Champagne by default, just because the drunk clients would inevitably pay the sky-high bill later. As a matter of fact, if the taxi drivers manage to bring in a larger group of drunks they would lock up the doors to rip them off exclusively and undisturbed.

Prices of the rooms or of the champagne largely depends on
how much money the person seems to have and especially on how drunk he seems. There are actually no drink price lists anywhere
because the prices are always different. Prices could go as high as up to 250€ for half an hour (preposterous!).

Also, the girls are instructed to not talk that much, but
when the prices become a topic (and they usually do) they should distract the client
(anything that would draw his attention, babbling all kinds of stuff usually) so that he doesn’t realize the rip-off he fell into. People get a credit line (similar to what’s happening in Vegas) and are tempted by the bar to sign some papers, which makes Eve Bar entitled to super charge the bill and if necessary they will sue the guy!

The main problem with Eve Bar

Eve Bar’s main problem is that their scam is making its way on the net (we take pride into sharing this information with our article posted a while back: and more people know about it, but they are still well fed due to the flood of taxi drivers still supplying Eve with clients for 65€ .

Also, they almost never have that many girls and rarely (very rarely) they have pretty girls. Quite obvious that pretty girls would never want to work in a place like that, despite the money that can be made for the girls (reality is that the girls are also not paid fairly).

Other scamming clubs in Vienna are failing big time!

Taxi logo of a Vienna taxi

All of the other clubs that pay high taxi rewards are basically out of business: Monaco Bar – closed, Okaybar (although in general a nice place) – in trouble. Eve Bar is the only club that’s in great shape because they over extort the hell out of every client that can afford it or that seems to be easily ripped off. Oh and Eve Bar is still doing so good due to the area the club’s located in (one of the best areas in town).

We have to thank to the taxi drivers themselves, without whom we would not have this valuable piece of information. They chose to not let their clients fall into the Eve Bar trap anymore, because it is for one a scam, brings them bad karma, is against the law and quite dangerous.

Share it, spread the info so that no other pay sex client falls into Eve Bar’s money scheme!

These are currently the most recent Vienna sex scene news that are worth mentioning. Follow us as we post new articles on everything that is related to the Viennese sex scene!

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