New opening hours in Viennese clubs and brothels

Recently, the lockdown in Vienna has become a bit more tolerable and lenient with the opening hours at which sex clubs and similar establishments are allowed to operate. Many of the biggest clubs and brothels have notified their visitors through their website about this change.

In the section below, you can find more information about some of the most popular places in Vienna. Additionally, you can also explore other related articles that you can read immediately afterwards. For more details, keep reading!

Opening hours of Vienna Brothels

Maxim Wien opening hours

The opening hours in Maxim Wien have been updated on the club’s website. Currently, this gentlemen’s club is open every day from 7PM to 12PM. On the top of the sexclub’s main page they have posted the notification about the new opening hours, as well as pictures of some of the newest girls who are available for visits.

The website shows new ladies being available, as well as ones who have been working in the club for years.

Maxim Wien new girls

Goldentime Vienna opening hours

The Goldentime Vienna saunaclub has also posted about the extension to the opening hours. You can read a brief notification on the FKK’s main page stating that the club is currently open until midnight. Not much else has changed on the saunaclub’s website other than this notice about the opening hours.

Kontakt Zentrum opening hours

The Kontakt Zentrum Laufhaus has posted a notice on their site stating that they are open every day until 24:00. Additionally, they have added photos to the newest ladies that have started working in the Laufhaus and featured them on the main page. There seem to be many girls currently available in Kontakt Zentrum, all of which can be viewed on the Laufhaus’ website.

Laufhaus Juchgasse opening hours

Much like the previous entry, Laufhaus Juchgasse has posted about their new opening hours on the main page of their website. Visitors can read a notice stating that because of the current regulations, the Laufhaus is operational daily from 10 AM all the way through to the allowed 12 PM. Another notice was recently posted about the girls being vaccinated and there are some pictures of the new ladies who started working not long ago.

Funpalast Vienna opening hours

The Funpalast FKK hasn’t posted an update on their website, but in the saunaclub’s info on Google the opening hours are also shown to be until 12 PM now. However, the opening hours haven’t been updated on the website itself.

Laufhaus Max Winter opening hours

The Max Winter Laufhaus in Vienna has notified their clients through their website as well. Although it is only a brief notice, visitors can read that the Laufhaus is open every day until 12 PM. According to the website, there are currently only 3 ladies available at the time of writing. Although the selection is not large, this Laufhaus is also open according to the new restriction laws.

Laufhaus Vienna opening hours

Laufhaus Vienna has also notified their clients about the new opening hours. This establishment has posted on the bottom of their main page about this. Once you scroll past all of the currently working ladies, you can see the notification about their opening hours changing to being open daily from 10:00-24:00. New girls, as well as the ones who are currently available are featured on the main page of Laufhaus Vienna too.

When are the restrictions going to be lifted in Vienna?

Although there are no official announcements yet about when the restrictions are going to be lifted, we speculate that clubs and brothels in Vienna can return to being open all night in the nearby future.

As we can see, the restrictions have already been changed to longer opening times and we think that they will be lifted altogether sometime in March.

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