What is a Laufhaus?

There are many types of establishments in Vienna where girls offer their sexual services from. One of the most popular types of brothels in the city are Laufhauses. In this article, we are going to talk about what exactly a Laufhaus is and the main differences between Laufhauses and other brothels in Vienna. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to read the whole article!

What is a Laufhaus?

A Laufhaus is an establishment where sex workers rent rooms and offer their sexual services. The girls are allowed to stay in their rooms between clients and they can even sleep there if they want to. The term is usually used in European countries (mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) where offering sexual services is legal and regulated. Clients can go in and walk through the corridors of the establishment, hence the name “Laufhaus”, which when translated to English means “run/walk house”.

In the next segment, we are going to take a closer look at what differentiates Laufhauses from other types of sex selling establishments in Vienna.

Difference between Laufhauses and other types of brothels in Vienna

The main difference between Laufhauses and other types of brothels in Vienna is that the girls who work in a Laufhaus independently rent the rooms that they are working from. This means that they pay a rent on a weekly or monthly basis and the actual Laufhaus just supplies the space that they can do their business from. In theory, this way the girls get all of the earning that they make, but it can also happen that the ladies have to give some of the money to their pimp-like figure.

The other thing that differentiates Laufhauses from other sex establishments in Vienna is that clients can go through the building freely and see which girls are available and which ones are busy. The client can then knock on a door that has an available sign on it and talk and negotiate the price and the services with the ladies directly. Most of the time, once the room is rented, the girls can decide on their work schedule and the pricing that they are asking for their services. Although, there are some instances where the Laufhaus owner is the one who decides when they work and how much they can ask too.

Usually there is no entry fee into a Laufhaus; however you cannot sit down for a drink other than coffee or soda machines in the hall. It is worth noting that there are in fact some Laufhauses that actually ask for a small fee upon entering the establishment.

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Hopefully this article will help you in understanding exactly what a Laufhaus is and what are the differences between Laufhauses and other brothels in Vienna.

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