Laufhaus Sex in Vienna

What is a Laufhaus?

I have mentioned the term Laufhaus a few times already in this very blog and I have written reviews about it. Now I thought to myself that I need to dedicate a post to the topic at hand and also list the currently open ones and maybe rate them a bit.

A Laufhaus is a totally different animal than the other brothel forms you find in Austria and in Vienna in particular. A Laufhaus can best be described as a kind of sex hotel where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. There are usually no guest rooms, no drinks, except for coffee and soft drinks machines and no reason to stay longer than for the actual deed which is the sex. So it is a kind of Fast Food Sex form

So far so easy so good, sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Maybe yes,  but there are Pros and Cons to be listed as you can imagine:

PROs and CONs of a Laufhaus


  • the girs are basically independent and in theory work for themselves alone (in practise, many of them give all the money to some kind of pimp also there)
  • no entry fee to pay, you can just browse the halls of the house and see which girl you like best – the exception of the rule is Laufhaus Rachel which asks a 5€ entry fee… total nonsense
  • you can easily talk to the girls and maybe even negotiate the services and prices although there won’t be too many girls that grant discounts
  • Laufhauses are mostly clean and have security (now they do anyways, it is not too long ago that Laufhaus Juchgasse was robbed by some guy and the girls harressed)
  • prices start with 50€ for a quicky
  • the girls are often gorgeous
  • girls can earn real good money if they are smart
  • girls feel comfortable as they have their own private room and if they want they can even sleep there over night and between customers that they can do what they please


  • a system in which the girls are their own boss is doomed to fail in my opinion
  • prices start with a sweet 50 for a quicky but due to the often greedy extra policy it can become very steep
  • there are already too many Laufhauses in Vienna and they do very little if anything to add to the quality of the system or bring in new motivated girls or attract a new croud of customers who were too afraid to try it out yet
  • every new Laufhaus simply feeds of the existing substance of customers and girls so generally  all they do is weaken each other. Nothing particular is done to attract new clients and new really independent girls
  • The system of Laufhaus has grown too fast and as it always is, everyone is now trying to jump the running train – many of which are falling off the train hurting themselves severely…!
  • people in Vienna want a fair and gentle service mostly. That is something that the majority of Laufhaus girls are not willing to provide.
  • girls who offer a really bad service like Yvette in Laufhaus Juchgasse won’t be asked to leave the house as long as they pay the rent every week
  • girls want to make a quick buck and often don’t bother much to win regular clients who come back

List of Laufhauses in Vienna in no particular order

  • Laufhaus Juchgasse: the oldest one in Vienna – not recommended
    Laufhaus Juchgasse
  • Laufhaus-Rachel: pretty girls – 5€ entry fee
  • Haus 599: at the Vienna Gürtel – not a nice venue and not the best neighbourhood. Girls were once pretty, at the moment not recommended
  • Laufhaus Breitenfurterstraße – pretty girls but not a lot of traffic. I would personal rate it as a rather good place
  • Laufhaus Vienna: One of the newer ones – clean, every room has a shower, the best girls at the moment
    Laufhaus Vienna
  • Kontakt-Zentrum: a good venue but closing down in a few days. Known as the Laufhaus with the cheapest rate for the girls. The house itself offered only little luxury but was not a bad place in general
  • Kontakthof: belongs to the same group as does Kontaktzentrum – one of the older places. I don’t like it much as it needs renovation and I simply do not feel comfy there. Girls are also tend a bit to scam the customers like in Laufhaus Juchgasse
    Website of Kontakthof
  • Laufhaus ICI Paris – the newest one in town – I really know little about it so far but what I have heard was not too exciting. Let’s wait and see.
    ICI Paris
  • Laufhaus House4Love: I believe it belongs to the “Kontakt” group but has a much different feel to it as it is smaller and is a bit hard to reach
  • Laufhaus Red Rooms: somehow connected to Laufhaus Rachel and Laufhaus Vienna. This house had a rough start with little traffic and inconsistent girls. Also the website is neither attractive nor informative.

There are plans of some kind of super Laufhaus to be built until 2014 somewhere in Vienna’s outskirts in Nether Austria. The location is still a secret and it remains to be seen if permission for it will be granted. The project goes by the name Funmotel and has been all over the news in the last couple of weeks.

Article about the Funmote

My Rating of Vienna’s Laufhauses

Laufhaus Vienna and Laufhaus Breitenfurterstrasse are the 2 best places in my opinion

Laufhaus Juchgasse and Laufhaus Kontakthof are 2 places I do not like at all. Laufhaus ICI Paris I know too little of to rate but I have a strange feeling about it

Any questions about Laufhaus Sex in Vienna? Feel free to ask them in this Sex-Vienna forum thread:

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