Change in COVID-19 regulations in Austria

We’ve only recently posted about the new opening hours in Viennese brothels, and there are already updates to the regulations that have been put into effect in Vienna and Austria

. The government has announced how the regulations will change in the country starting from the next month. If you’re interested in learning more about this or you want to see other related articles, keep reading now!

New regulations regarding lockdown in Austria

According to our sources, the restrictions in Austria will be lifted entirely by March 5. This means that all types of shops and establishments will be allowed to return to their regular opening hours.

Naturally, this also includes sex clubs, brothels and other similar adult entertainment venues as well.

The government has allowed shops to reopen due to the lower number of infections, as well as because hospitals are no longer over-crowded with sick people. However, the government is thinking about passing a law that makes vaccination mandatory, which would be a first in the European Union.

Until this law is passed or discarded, people who are not vaccinated will be allowed in essential shops if they have been tested.

Masks are still mandatory on public transportation and all public indoor places, even after the restrictions are lifted.

For more details about this, check out the official notice on the website now!

Brothels will be open all night from March 4

Not long ago, we have posted about the new opening hours in Viennese brothels. Only a few days later we received this official information about the restrictions and how and when they will be lifted. According to this new info, all brothels, sex clubs and similar places will be allowed to go back to their regular opening hours soon.

This means that we are expecting the businesses to showcase this information one way or another and convey the message to their clients. Because of this, we will be updating this article with the latest information as soon as we acquire it, so be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

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