Refugees will be housed above a brothel in Suben

An interesting situation is brewing in Suben, Austria. Apparently, seven refugees will be housed on the second floor of building, where the first floor is soon turning into a brothel.

Since everything is legal, there is nothing the Mayor or the community can do. For more details about this and other related posts, keep reading!

Special business and living arrangement causes excitement

The building in question is located in the small community of Suben and it has two floors and two separate entrances. On the bottom floor, there used to be a massage parlor until last year when it was closed.

The business was shut down because apparently there were other illegal services on offer aside massages. Now a new owner is planning on opening a brothel on the first floor of the building. The hearing for the brothel will be in March and according to officials everything seems legal and there is nothing against it at the moment.

Meanwhile, the second floor of the building was rented by a Turkish family until recently. Now that they have moved away, the new tenant that rents that part of the building is actually Caritas.

The organization aims to house seven refugees on the second floor and they have already started renovating the place.

The Mayor and the community disapproves

Naturally, this isn’t something that the community and Mayor of Suben approve of, but there is currently nothing they can do against it. Since everything is done legally, their hands are tied.

Although prostitution has become accepted in Austria, smaller communities such as Suben with only around 1,500 inhabitants are still not fully on-board. With many nightmare stories about refugees from Syria, the citizens fear for the safety of the girls who will be working downstairs.

On the other hand, not all refugees are the same so this isn’t something that we can generalize or stigmatize.

When asked about this, the spokesperson for Caritas said that they are completely relaxed with the situation. Since prostitution is such a big part of Austria, we simply have to accept it as long as everything is done legally.

For more details about this, check out the original German publication on the website now!

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