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Laufhaus Vienna UPDATE 2020

Much like every other establishment in the city, Laufhaus Vienna also had to be closed for a time being as a result of the Corona Virus epidemic. Laufhaus Wien (also known as Laufhaus Triesterstrasse) managed to successfully return into the sex industry with many girls returning to their old rooms in the Laufhaus. According to reports, there are fewer clients since the re-opening, but the ladies still have enough work for it to be profitable.

Although Laufhaus Viena has opened their doors to clients starting from the first of July, Breni currently isn’t visible on the website. This means that Breni might have moved on to another establishment or she might be waiting for her documents in order to return to sexwork in Vienna.

It is also a possibility that Breni might not return to Vienna, but we are hopeful that we will be able to see this beauty once again. Currently, there is no information about Breni, and we can only speculate as to what she might be doing right now. We will update this post as soon as Breni pops up at another place or if she returns to Laufhaus Vienna.

Until then, here are a few ladies from Laufhaus Wien that have recently been praised by clients online:


Paloma is a 20 year old brunette who has been praised online for her services and good demeanour when it comes to the job. Her body is amazing and she is especially recommended for those who like nipple piercings and a few tattoos here and there. According to the reviewer, Paloma was down for everything, she didn’t check the clock in anticipation and she was a pretty good conversation partner too. For Paloma’s pictures and information, check out her profile on the Laufhaus Vienna website.


Rosy is yet another young lady who was recommended by clients online. Although Rosy’s hairstyle and hair colour isn’t the same as on her pictures, she is still a great pick for anybody who wants a little more than just sex. According to the reviewer, Rosy is a very entertaining and fun person to talk to. She likes to entertain clients and you won’t get bored with her easily. When it comes to the sex, Rosy likes to experiment and gives her 100%. The client who left the review wrote that if her excitement was fake, she did a great job acting it up. If Rosy has sparked your interest, go ahead and check her profile on the Laufhaus Wien website now!

The original post:

Laufhaus Vienna Review 2019

I haven’t been in Laufhaus Vienna for about two months, which is quite unusual by me. I have to admit, I am an absolute addict when it comes to the Vienna paysex scene. After frequenting Maxim Wien and Ici Paris, it was about time to switch to LHV a little bit.

I didn’t make an appointment this time. Instead I decided to randomly go there for some window shopping until I pick a girl. The laufhaus itself gives a good impression with its cleanliness and the abundance of rooms available there, many with open doors.

There were some familiar sex workers in Vienna as I glanced into the rooms. I just kept going until I have found the room that was impossible to resist. It was Breni’s room and she was lying in bed totally naked. Slim girls with big breasts always got me on the hook.

Breni Exceeded my Expectations

I entered the room, I wanted to see more. There was not much hesitation, as we quickly agreed in 30 minutes. After I took a shower, I sat down on the bed to watch her as she shakes her tits and ass in front of me.

I already knew I’ve made the right choice when my face was between those big natural breasts. Her round and firm butt with those long legs looks amazing. She let me touch and grab her wherever I wanted, even encouraged me to do so.

After an intense blowjob she got on top of me and continued with fast-paced riding. It felt like being with a porn star. She kept eye contact, which is something that many other girls would avoid. She did most of the work and it was all hot and sexy.

If you guys are looking for a slim, big breasted girl in Vienna than let me tell you that Breni from Laufhaus Vienna is one of your best choices. I’m already thinking about going back and having a blast with her again.

Here are the photos of Breni from the LHV website

Professional Photos of Breni from LHV
  • Check her out on the LHV website: Breni

My Overall Impression and Other Thoughts

Some say she is from Bulgaria, some say she is a Romanian girl. Her accent seemed kinda Bulgarian to me. Either way, these are just little details that are not important for me. If the girl looks great and we can communicate, I’m set.

Another thing I wanted to emphasize is that at least in Laufhaus Vienna, girls know how to greet clients properly. I’ve been in many places where they twiddle with their smartphones or watch TV or something like that.

Note for beginners – I was kinda lucky this time but you guys better make an appointment in advance if you want to be with a specific girl. This is for those who don’t want to wait, as LHV can be quite crammed at times.

Submitted by: Douglas Fondaine

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