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Peepshow Burggasse UPDATE 2020

PS Burggasse also had to close due to the new government laws that have been put into effect as a result of the Corona pandemic. However, this Gloryhole Wien establishment also managed to open up for business once the restrictions have been lifted.

According to our knowledge, Peepshow Burggasse is fully operational right now, with numerous ladies on offer.  Like before, clients are able to watch the ladies  (hence the name Peepshow), take them to one of the rooms for a more private setting, or use the glory hole service which is on offer too. At this moment, there is no new information about the side-entrance that was promised by the owner. However, we understand this, as the Corona Virus has made it hard to do any renovations on the premises.

Gloryhole in Wien - Peepshow Burggasse main page

According to the owner’s statement on the PS Burggasse official website, clients are not obliged to wear facemasks when they visit the establishment, but they can do so if they wish to. All previously offered services are available once again, and there are a couple of new ladies who have joined the ranks of PS Burggasse.

In case you wish to learn more about this Glory hole Vienna, go ahead and check out the official Peepshow Burggasse website, where you can see the available ladies, and ask any questions that you might have. The establishment’s staff regularly answers the questions that people have on the website, and this is a great way to find out more about this place!

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Peepshow Burggasse Review 2019

Peepshow Burggasse is considered to be among the better places of those types of brothels in Vienna; however, there have been a couple of complaints about the establishment and bad reviews of the girls in sex forums. The PS Burggasse staff has also announced a new room that they will be constructing soon. Continue reading the post till the end to find out more!

Complaint about Peepshow Burggasse in the forums

A user on the International Sex Guide forum’s Vienna section has recently left a complaint about Peepshow Burggasse. According to the user, he visited the establishment to see what is new, but he left unsatisfied.

The first problem he encountered was the fact that only one of the girls looked like they are worth a session. This wouldn’t be such a huge issue, especially in these hot summer months when the lineup isn’t superb in most places because the best girls are absent. However, the bigger problem he faced was the people who were present in the establishment.

According to the user, the main reason he left without a session was the fact that the people who were in Peepshow Burggasse at that time were very loud and “on the nose”. He also added that he would gladly do a session with the girl that he liked, but he will wait for her to appear in a Laufhaus, rather than having a session with her in Peepshow Burggasse.

Peepshow Burggasse Vienna Glory Hole
Glory Hole in Peepshow Burggasse

Peepshow Burggasse’s response

A response from a representative of Peepshow Burggasse has been submitted a couple of days later in the same thread, stating that they are planning on constructing a room with its own entrance from the street in order to avoid similar problems.

According to the post, the construction on the room will begin in September. This would indeed help a lot, especially for those who do not wish to get in contact with the other visitors of the establishment. The post also urged the user who complained to submit his bonus card via email if he has it.

Peepshow Burggasse online girl reviews

The girls who work in Peepshow Burggasse have mixed reviews online. Some of the ladies are very much praised and recommended, while others are getting bad reviews one after the other. The service that the clients get solely depends on the girl that they choose and this is a gamble most of the time. Naturally, like in any other brothel in Vienna, there are girls who are good looking and perform better than the rest.

In order to avoid a bad experience, we highly suggest doing some research about the girls and picking the lady who has mostly positive reviews on online forums. There are numerous reviews submitted to the local erotic forum that can help in choosing the right lady.

Some forum members have also suggested that the girls who work in PS Burggasse write their own reviews on the official site. In order to leave a review on the official site of Peepshow Burggasse, you need a PIN code that you get after a session. However, not everybody takes these codes and the girls can freely use them to write their own reviews. Of course, this was denied by a Peepshow Burggasse staff member, but that doesn’t mean anything. Any girl would take the chance to increase her reputation by writing their own enthusiastic reviews, especially with a rating system like the one used in PS Burggasse.


Even though Peepshow Burggasse is among the more professional establishments of its kind in Vienna, there are still days when the people who go there can be a bigger turn-off than the ladies themselves. If the post from PS Burggasse is true and they intend on opening an entrance, this could actually make this establishment a much better pick for those who are currently not going there because of the crowd.

We will have to wait and see what will be the outcome of this. We will make sure to keep our readers updated as any new information emerges. Until then, be sure to read some of our other related articles that we have posted on the Sex-Vienna blog. You can also join the conversation over on the SV Forum in the Peepshow Burggasse thread if you have anything to add. Go ahead and click on any of the following links that seem interesting to you!

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