Recent news regarding the sex scene in Vienna

A couple of noteworthy things have happened in Vienna when it comes to the sex scene in the last week. As we here at the Sex-Vienna blog feel obliged to serve the latest news to our loyal readers, we have decided to publish this article about the most recent happenings that are worth reporting about. If you’re interested in learning more about what has happened in Vienna’s sex scene recently, be sure to continue reading this post till the end.

“Téte-a-Téte” club owner found dead

The first news about Vienna that we are writing about is the unfortunate fact that Peter Mitschkoff who was the owner of the club “Téte-a-Téte” on the Gürtel has been recently found dead. Peter Mitschkoff has been operating the club for more than 35 years before he passed away. According to sources, the 70 year old man was hospitalized, but he died soon after from blood poisoning.

Peter Mitschkoff was considered to be a good boss among the girls who worked in Téte-a-Téte and he was also liked by the guests too. He was known to serve his homemade goulash in the club’s back room and most girls who were asked spoke well of him.

Téte-a-Téte Bar Vienna owner found dead
Bar Téte-a-Téte in Vienna

At this time, it is unclear as to what’s going to happen to the club itself. Since Peter Mitschkoff was the owner of the establishment for over 30 years, the club might be sold to the highest bidder or closed forever. We will keep this article updated as any new information emerges about the situation. One of our community members on the Sex-Vienna Forums have posted about the death of the owner of Téte-a-Téte. Check out the thread in the forum to join the conversation or learn more about the news. You can also read this German Kronen Zeitung article that was published about the news.

Madame Nina passed away

We recently got news about the unfortunately passing away of Madame Nina, who was a couple of years ago the owner of one of the most expensive nightclub in Vienna or maybe even Austria. Around three years ago, the building in which this nightclub was located was torn down and then rebuilt. At this time, Madame Nina moved to a different club located in the 1st District of Vienna, next to Eve Bar. However, she could never achieve the same greatness that the first nightclub had.

Shortly after, Madame Nina was hospitalized and she was in a coma for a while. Around a year ago, she miraculously woke up from the coma and started operating a business again. Another club was opened in the 2nd District that went by the name of “Madame Nina”. The establishment was previously known as Club Café Varieté Bar, and the new business didn’t turn out to be successful either, mostly because this club was bad for so many years already. Currently, this club has been taken over by the Love Story group, another group of mediocre nightclubs in the 2nd district.

Citystudio in Vienna closed

The Citystudio at Schwertgasse 3 has been recently closed by the police. At this time, it is unclear as to why the studio was closed or if it’s going to be open again anytime soon.

citystudio in vienna closed by the police
Citystudio in Vienna was closed by the police

The management of Citystudio have yet to announce their closure or give any information about the business’ state. As soon as we get our hands on new info, we will make sure to keep our readers updated on the situation.

If you wish to talk about this with like-minded people, be sure to check out the forum thread that has been created on the Sex-Vienna forums. You can leave your thoughts and any additional information that you might have there.

Change in Contact Center ownership

We have also heard word about a change in Contact Center’s ownership. Apparently, a new owner is taking over the business, so there might be sudden changes in the business model or the prices that are asked. In fact, the whole regime of the establishment might shift when a new owner takes over. Because of this, we had to warn/notify our readers.

Currently, there are only two girls available at Contact Center. One of the girls is Andrea who underwent a breast enhancement surgery not long ago. She had amazing natural breasts previously, now she has freshly operated silicone breasts.

At this time, we are not sure if the new owner has previous experience operating a similar business, as the identity of the new leader is currently unknown. The best we can hope for is that the new leadership knows what they’re doing and that they can add something to Contact Center that it was lacking.


These are some of the most important news that has happened in the Vienna sex scene in the last week. For us, it is of crucial importance to notify all of our readers about sudden changes or important events that happen regarding the sex business in Vienna. You can follow the latest updates in the “Recent news regarding the sex scene in Vienna” thread on the Sex-Vienna forums!

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