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Every year, the sex scene in Vienna slows down over the summer. This is mostly because there aren’t enough clients in the city and most of the sex workers in Vienna go home for the summer.

The hot summer months have taken their toll on the sex scene in Vienna and the whole scene has slowed down significantly. In this news article, we will write about some of the recent happenings in the city, as well as highlights from our Sex in Vienna Blog and SV Forum. If you wish to learn more, be sure to continue reading till the end!

Laufhaus Rosi is under renovation

Laufhaus Rosi is undergoing renovation for three months. At the time of writing this article, the Laufhaus Rosi website is showing a countdown until the renovations on the building are being completed. According to some sources, the Laufhaus Rosi building doesn’t really need any renovation work done on it and the real reason why the Laufhaus is currently not operational is because of the lack of girls. Most girls who work in Laufhaus Rosi have gone back to their home country over the summer and there are very few girls who stayed to work.

Currently, this notification, as well as a counter is shown on the Laufhaus Rosi website:

Laufhaus Rosi summer vacation vienna wien
Laufhaus Rosi summer vacation

What is expected for the next months of summer?

The sex scene in Vienna is not the busiest over these hot summer months, but thankfully it usually all goes back to normal somewhere around September. Most of the ladies who have gone on a holiday or hiatus come back until then and everything goes back to normal.

Regardless of the summer, there are still some better clubs and establishments that have a great lineup of girls all year around and the hot summer months do not have a negative effect on them. These businesses are the reason why Vienna is a viable option for mongers every month of the year.

SV Forum Highlight

The Sex in Vienna Forum is a great source of information on anything related to the sex scene in Vienna. There have been numerous interesting and informational threads created recently, but maybe the most useful one was the “Best brothel/club to start working at as a girl?” thread.

In this discussion “Christina” asks the SV Forum community about their recommendations when it comes to working in Vienna. There are many great suggestions, as well as tips on what is needed and recommended for girls who want to work in the capital of Austria.

If you’re interested in reading the thread that we highlighted, be sure to click here: Best brothel/club to start working at as a girl?


Even though these hot summer months are not necessarily the best for paid sex in Vienna, there are still clubs and other types of brothels that are doing great for themselves. This means that there should be no shortage of girls in the more reputable and respectable places in the city.

If you wish to discuss this topic further, go ahead and join the conversation over on the SV forum in the Hot Summer Months – Vienna Sex Scene News thread.

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