Sex worker helper organizations barely reach the victims of human trafficking

Sex Club Wien reported that the Styrian police discovered a human trafficking ring where Chinese women were forced into illegal prostitution. The ring operated in the last 3 years, and its members promised work in Europe for those women who lived in mainland China. After the women arrived in Europe, the criminals stole their documents, leaving them completely alone in a foreign country.

From the news, it turned out that such women barely turn to sex worker helper organizations. From a recent ORF report, we learned new information about the work of such organizations.

The Frauen Service in Graz has 1800 contacts with sex workers every year

The project leader of Frauen Service in Graz revealed the statistics of their work in the ORF interview. They have approximately 1800 contacts with sex workers every year. Most of the women work in brothels, and the most common topics are mandatory health checks and their self-employment status. The second most common topic is mental health, while the third is violence in sex work.

As the project leader said, they saw a significant spike in the number of Chinese sex workers last year. They usually have 5 such contacts per year but had 23 in 2023. According to her, it is very rare that they can reach the Chinese prostitutes, even if they are victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

The reason is that there was a strict one-child policy in mainland China, and because of it, the second and third children were often raised in secret. They are now basically non-existent in the system, without real official papers they are very vulnerable and can be targeted by human traffickers.

Sex Club Wien is continuously reporting about human trafficking and forced prostitution, and they are more often than not in the Asian community. However, while there are many reports about such groups and rings, this is still not an overall problem but very often within the refugee community.

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