Legal sex work protects women from crime and violence

Recently we are seeing more people calling for the ban of prostitution, saying that women are exploited and that the current situation is bad for them. However, facts show a different picture.

The head of the SOPHIE advice center for sex workers recently said in an interview

that banning legal sex work would only worsen the ladies’ situation. For more details about this and more, continue reading the article now!

The SOPHIE advice center is against a ban on buying sex

SOPHIE is an advice center for sex workers in Austria that also helps the ladies with whatever is necessary. They offer consultations for sex workers anonymously and at no cost, they give basic supplies and anything that’s needed for the women to start working legally. Their main goal is to protect women who are in the legal sex trade, fight for their rights and provide them with better and safer working conditions.

The head of the organization has stated that they are 100% against the ban on legal sex work, as this would only introduce a plethora of different problems for the ladies. Naturally, stopping prostitution entirely is almost impossible and if legal sex work would be banned, the whole sex trade business would go underground.

This would mean that the women who had to work illegally couldn’t ask for help and they would be exploited even more by pimps and human traffickers.

Assaults on sex workers by customers are on the rise, so this would get out of hand without protection as well.

Julia Köhl, the head of the SOPHIE counseling center added that they still require donations as many sex workers had huge monetary losses this year due to various factors. Currently, many women require the help from humanitarian organizations and food donations, among other things.

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We agree that making it impossible to work legally would definitely make the situation of the women worse.

Additionally, clients are not protected in illegally operated places either and this is why we always recommend legal sex to our readers.

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