What’s going on with the Babylon brand?

According to a news report in Kleine Zeitung, Freyenthurn Castle is about to be sold in Klagenfurt. The location might be familiar to Sex Vienna readers, as currently one of the Babylon brand’s brothels is operating there.

Meanwhile, there are rumors about the brand’s other location in Vienna as well. Read our article for details.

Babylon Klagenfurt was opened in 2003

The Babylon Klagenfurt was opened in 2003, and the brothel has been operating there since then. Local citizens were outraged when the brothel arrived in their city, but the city’s relatively close proximity to the Italian border made it ideal to target Italian punters. In Italy, prostitution laws are stricter, so many Austrian brothels target the country’s citizens. Another notable brothel with a similar setup is Wellcum, located in Hohenthurn, only a few kilometers away from Italy.

As it turned out from the Kleine Zeitung’s article, the owner of Babylon Klagenfurt is renting the castle, and it is now about to be sold. According to the newspaper, it could become a health resort. The selling price is confidential, but it might be a double-digit amount in USD dollars.

the Freyenthurn Castle in Klagenfurt
the Freyenthurn Castle in Klagenfurt

There is no other information about the Klagenfurt brothel of the Babylon chain, so at the moment, it is not clear whether it will be reopened in another building in the city or in the nearby area if the selling process is successful.

Babylon Vienna might also be closed at the current location

However, we did not read news about the Vienna location of Babylon in the cited Kleine Zeitung article, but we have heard rumors about this brothel as well. It seems the owner of Palais Coburg, where Babylon Vienna is located, wants to integrate the brothel’s space into the luxury hotel. The value of the building would increase massively if the brothel moves out, and the hotel can use the space freely.

There is no other information about what will happen in the Viennese Babylon brothel, and currently, we also don’t know exactly when they should leave the building of Palais Coburg.

Palais Coburg in Vienna
Palais Coburg in Vienna

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