A 39-year-old Hungarian woman was forced into prostitution in Vienna

Vienna police responded to a call at a brothel in the Leopoldstadt district, where a 39-year-old woman was allegedly being forced into prostitution and threatened by a man.

Witnesses intervened and aided the woman who was brought to Vienna by a Hungarian man under the pretext of obtaining legal authorization to work in prostitution.

The man demanded that the woman work for him and hand over the earnings. He threatened her with death if she did not comply. Witnesses came to the woman’s aid, and the man fled.

A manhunt led to the arrest of the suspect, a 39-year-old man, by the Burgenland police at the Nickelsdorf border crossing.

The Vienna State Criminal Police, Human Trafficking Investigation Department, Storage Group took over the case, and the suspect was transferred to Vienna for questioning.

The suspect denied the charges of threat and suspicion of prostitution trafficking. The Vienna public prosecutor’s office released him pending further investigation.

The State Criminal Police continue to investigate the case.

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