Current Maxim Wien lineup in March 2023

Recently there was an update on the Maxim Wien website about some of the new ladies who have joined the ranks of Maxim girls in the club. In this blog post, we will be showcasing the new ladies who have been introduced,

Maxim Wien ladies who have been working in the club for a longer period of time, as well as taking a look at how Maxim fares after the coronavirus pandemic. For more details, make sure to read this blog post in its entirety!

Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on different businesses

It seems as though the Maxim Wien club was successfully able to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic that was having a negative impact on the whole industry. Many businesses and establishments had to make changes in order to fight the negative side-effects of the pandemic. For example, the Funpalast Saunaclub had to implement a coupon system, while in the Goldentime FKK the girls’ prices have skyrocketed over the last year.

Compared to these businesses, Maxim Wien has successfully recovered without having to make any major changes.

As seen from their latest update, the Maxim club was also able to secure a strong lineup of ladies. In the next section, we will be showcasing some of the Maxim ladies who were featured in their post.

Maxim Wien lineup in March, 2023

At the time of writing, the Maxim Wien club is offering more than 20 girls to their clients to choose from. In addition to the loyal Maxim girls who have been working in the club for a longer time, there are also newcomers who have recently joined the ranks of Maxim ladies.

In the following section, you can read a few things about the ladies who are currently awaiting clients in the Maxim Wien club!

Maxim Girl Jessica

Jessica is a new addition to the Maxim roster of ladies. According to the pictures on the Maxim site and the description that is given of her in the Maxim post, Jessica is a blonde lady with sparkling blue eyes, a charming face and sexy curves. Since she is a fairly new addition to Maxim, there is not much information about her, but we will keep our readers updated as we acquire news about Maxim girl Jessica.


Maxim Girl Valerie

According to the post, Valerie is a complete newcomer to the sex industry and Maxim is her first job in the business. Valerie speaks Russian, German and English as well, so there should be no problem engaging in conversation with her. This Russian newcomer is eager to meet new people and explore everything the industry has to offer.


Miss Maxim Carla

In addition to the previously mentioned newcomers, there are a few ladies also returning to Maxim Wien. For example, Miss Maxim Carla is returning to the club by the end of March. Carla is a blonde lady who worked in the club previously and was a great addition to the team. Carla actually won the Miss Maxim contest a few years back by showcasing her seductive and sexy moves on the dancing pole. Her return is definitely eagerly being awaited by Maxim regulars.


Maxim Girl Candice and Maxim Girl Kara

Lastly, but definitely not less importantly, the girlfriend duo Maxim Girl Candice and Maxim Girl Kara are also returning to the club. This blonde bombshell duo was always a popular choice for clients who wanted a hot and sensual threesome with two beautiful ladies. These two Maxim girls are friends and they are perfect together.


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