Marketing Stunt for Saunaclub Funpalast Has Gone Terribly Wrong

We were kind of surprised to see that Saunaclub Funpalast had another desperate try to get attention from the wide public. They had actually appeared in a TV show where they had Martin Mahrer as a guest. Martin is a Viennese lawyer who was more than eager to participate in their almost cringe-inducing advertisement.

He appeared in a bathrobe, enjoying a drink and trying to hit up a conversation with an attractive lady. It is needless to say that showing this ad to the public did not turn out well nor for Mahrer, nor for the Funpalast. It was quite ambitious, to say the least.

The Scene was Begging for the Punishment of the Supreme Court

The marketing stunt was part of the ATV documentary “Geil – That’s How It’s Done in Austria”. The Saunaclub was able to get its 5 minutes of fame there. They wanted to get maximum value for the show time they got, thinking that it’s a great idea to invite 47-year-old Martin Mahrer with barely any clothes on. The lawyer has appeared on screen in underpants, slippers, and a bathrobe. He seemed like he had a great time chatting with the masked prostitute.

Part of the script was to show him disappearing into one of the rooms with the sex worker. Mahler was ready with his own explanation. Unfortunately, it did not convince the Supreme Court. 

“It Was Just a Role Played for a Friend” Mahler Said

Mahler has accepted the request to be the guest for the TV shoot. He played a role, which was a favor for his friend. “I did not mention anything about my job.” He said, but this was not enough to save him.

The Disciplinary Council wasn’t convinced. They concluded that the case was not a private matter and that it should be punished. As a result, they have imposed a fine of 4,000 Euros total. It was nothing else but an advertisement for prostitution. The punishment was justified by the Supreme Court as well. It simply wasn’t within the limits of a private matter due to the fact that it was an advertisement for prostitution.

In the legal world, it is considered as something associated with human suffering. The fact that they had it showed on TV made the case even worse.

Funpalast has not only made a wrong decision, but they also ensured that something unacceptable got huge attention by the media. This failed attempt is surely not going to help their business.

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