A New Case of Pimping, Drugs, and Dirty Money in Tryol

In Tyrol, the Police had shed light on a new pimping case. They have arrested a 28-year-old Romanian guy for forcing at least four women into prostitution. The male in question was involved in other illegal activities as well. After the information got to the Austrian authorities, they immediately started looking for him.

They froze the two accounts the Romanian suspect had and then started to track him down. During the investigation in November, houses and apartments were thoroughly searched.

The Police Has Found What They Wanted, and Even More Than That

During those house searches, two of them particularly stood out. These were in Innsbruck and what the Police found there had incredible monetary value. They had found a total of 33,500 Euros in cash, 65 pairs of women’s shoes, and 70 grams of cocaine.

It is needless to say that they were more than surprised about the amount of shoes they found. However, they were absolutely stunned when it turned out that the whole women’s shoe collection is worth 26,000 Euros.

The Romanian guy surely had its own ways of doing business. All those shoes were stolen, as it was confirmed by the Police. They have also found the rightful owner, so we can say there were no stones unturned by the officials.

But What About the Illegal Prostitution Part?

During the searches, the Police had knocked on some doors and they found a few occupied rooms as well. They found three women who were actively providing sexual services to their clients. They caught the ladies in the act and labeled the case as illegal prostitution.

The story might not end there, as the investigation continues. So far, the Romanian suspect is facing charges related to drug possession and pimping.

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