In Aargau, Police Rescue Underage Prostitute from Brothel

The Aargau police have rescued a young girl from Eastern Europe from a brothel, leading to the arrest of the brothel operator. The incident was triggered by a member of the public who reported a young girl working at a brothel in the Baden district. The police promptly responded to the tip-off and discovered that the young woman’s age was in doubt, and her identity documents did not match the person in question, according to the Aargau Canton Prosecutor’s Office on Friday.

After removing the young woman from the brothel, an investigation was launched by the Canton Prosecutor’s Office into promoting prostitution of minors and potential human trafficking. Subsequent interrogations and investigations conducted by the specialized staff of the cantonal police and the prosecutor’s office led to increased suspicions against the brothel operator.

In close collaboration between law enforcement agencies, house searches were carried out in two Aargau municipalities, which resulted in the arrest of the brothel operator. The Canton Prosecutor’s Office requested pre-trial detention for the 58-year-old, who is under urgent suspicion of sexually exploiting the underage teenager. Until a legally binding conviction, the presumption of innocence remains.

The underage girl has been transferred to a specialized agency for psychological care. This incident highlights the ongoing issue of human trafficking and forced prostitution and serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting suspicious activities to the authorities.

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