The top 10 biggest mistakes in sex made by men

Sex is a personal and intimate experience, and there are no strict rules that apply to every situation. However, there are certain behaviors that can detract from the overall experience and even ruin the moment. In a recent survey conducted by the dating platform Illicit Encounters, 2,000 men and women were asked about the biggest mistakes that people make during sex.

The results were surprising, revealing that both men and women are guilty of making mistakes in the bedroom. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 biggest mistakes that men make during sex according to the survey. By avoiding these mistakes, men can improve their sexual experience and ensure that their partner is satisfied.

The biggest mistakes in sex

1. Skipping foreplay: Foreplay is an essential part of sex that helps to prepare the body for sexual activity. Skipping foreplay can cause discomfort, pain, or even injury to the partner.

2. Having an orgasm first: Having an orgasm before your partner can be considered selfish and can leave your partner feeling unsatisfied.

3. Being clumsy: Being clumsy in bed can make the partner feel uncomfortable and can also cause injury.

4. Talking dirty in a rough way: Dirty talk is a common part of sex, but it is important to find the right balance. Talking dirty in a rough way can be a turn-off for the partner and can make them feel disrespected.

5. Lack of intimacy after sex: After-sex cuddles, kisses, or even a simple conversation can make a huge difference in the overall experience. A lack of intimacy after sex can leave the partner feeling used or unappreciated.

6. Falling asleep as soon as you’re done: Falling asleep as soon as you’re done can be considered rude and can make the partner feel unimportant.

7. Commenting on women’s body shape: Commenting on a woman’s body shape can be considered offensive and can make the partner feel insecure.

8. Not paying attention to what she wants: It is important to listen to what the partner wants and to communicate during sex. Not paying attention to what she wants can lead to discomfort or dissatisfaction.

9. Ignoring her body language: Body language is an important part of communication during sex. Ignoring her body language can lead to miscommunication and can make the partner feel uncomfortable.

10. Lack of emotional connection: Sex is not just a physical act, but it also involves emotional connection. A lack of emotional connection can make the partner feel unimportant or used.

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