Where you can find sex in Vienna at night?

We stumbled upon an interesting topic on the blog of Maxim Wien, . Their blog post titled “Where to go when the Laufhaus closes?” discusses the differences between a Laufhaus and a classic brothel like Maxim Wien.

According to their post, Laufhauses are a special form of a brothel where rooms are rented out to the ladies, and clients walk through the house, looking outside the doors to see if a lady is available. In contrast, a brothel like Maxim Wien offers guests an all-round experience package with its own DJ, party music, bar, and stage where punters can relax, enjoy drinks, flirt, dance with the Maxim Girls, and watch them perform on stage.

The post also highlights the difference in services and prices between the two establishments. In a Laufhaus, ladies are entirely independent and decide which services they want to offer and at what prices. In a brothel like Maxim Wien, the prices for the ladies and guests are the same for a usual range of services, promoting transparency and fairness.

Lastly, the post touches upon the difference in opening hours. Laufhauses are open during the day and typically close between midnight and 02:00. Maxim Wien, on the other hand, opens its doors in the evening from 8 pm and closes them at dawn, at 05:00.

But do Laufhauses really close this early?

We looked around Vienna to see when Laufhauses close, and it really isn’t worth visiting them for sex at night. Here’s the list:

  • Laufhaus Vienna – closes at 02:00
  • Laufhaus Wien Peepshow Burggasse – Mo-Sa closes at 23:00, Su closes at 22:00
  • Laufhaus Juchgasse 23:00 – closes at 02:00
  • Laufhaus Ici Paris – closes at 02:00
  • Laufhaus Kontakt Zentrum – closes at 24:00
  • Laufhaus Rachel – closes at 01:00, Friday and Saturday closes at 02:00
  • Laufhaus Kontaktzone – closes at 24:00, Friday and Saturday closes at 02:00
  • Laufhaus Wien Mitte – closes at 02:00

It seems the major Laufhauses really close around midnight, maximum at 02:00, so if a punter wants sex, it is better to head up to Maxim Wien or a similar brothel.

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