Is Funpalast Saunaclub Set to Close Its Doors This Fall?

Rumours are circulating that Funpalast saunaclub in Vienna will be closing down in the coming months. The rumour was first reported on the Sex Vienna Forum by a user.

According to the forum user, the club will be shutting its doors in the fall, and the building will be demolished. In its place, a pharmaceutical company is said to be building a new office building.

The management of Funpalast has not yet released any information on whether they will actually be closing down, so for now, these pieces of information are considered as mere rumours.

However, the saunaclub has recently made several missteps in the areas of pricing and marketing, which has often frustrated loyal customers.

In this article, we will review what we have written about Funpalast in the past years and explore what could have led to the possibility of Funpalast’s closure.

Controversial Marketing Stunt Backfires on Funpalast Saunaclub

Saunaclub Funpalast has recently faced backlash for a controversial marketing stunt that has gone terribly wrong.

In an attempt to gain more attention, the club appeared in a TV show called “Geil – That’s How It’s Done in Austria” and invited Martin Mahrer, a Viennese lawyer, to participate in their advertisement.

The ad showed Mahrer in a bathrobe, chatting with a masked sex worker and disappearing into one of the rooms with her.

Despite his claims that it was just a role he played for a friend and that he did not mention his job, the Supreme Court concluded that the case was not a private matter and imposed a fine of 4,000 Euros in total. The marketing stunt was deemed as an advertisement for prostitution and was considered as something associated with human suffering.

This failed attempt has caused a huge backlash against Funpalast and has surely not helped their business.

Funpalast Saunaclub Increased Prices for Half-Hour Services

In 2022, we reported that the Funpalast Saunaclub in Vienna had increased its prices for half-hour sessions due to inflation and rising energy prices. According to a spokesperson for the saunaclub, the increase in prices was necessary to keep the establishment operational.

The price for a half-hour session was set to increase by 10 euros, from 60 euros to 70 euros, starting at the end of May. The entry fee and prices for drinks and food, however, were not affected by the price increase.

The significant energy price increase and higher costs for the club’s facilities were cited as reasons for the price hike.

The club caters a lot of guests every day, and the women who work there were also affected by the overall price increase in fuel, food, and accommodation. To make the price increase fair for everyone, the decision was made to increase the price for half-hour sessions.

The increase in prices at Funpalast Saunaclub sparked concerns among customers and industry experts, as it came on top of a series of missteps in the club’s pricing and marketing strategies. The move was seen as a desperate attempt to stay afloat amidst growing competition and financial challenges faced by the sauna club industry.

Entry fee increase in 2019 as well

In 2019 we reported that the entry fee for the Funpalast Saunaclub in Vienna had been raised by 10 euros.

The information was first reported by a community member in the SV Forum Funpalast thread.

The new entry fee was confirmed to be 90 euros, and it still included a ticket that was valid for a half-hour session with one of the girls. The ticket system remained in place, meaning that every customer who entered Funpalast was eligible for it.

Funpalast Saunaclub and the Decline of Austrian Saunaclubs: An Analysis

In 2019, in our article we discussed whether Funpalast Saunaclub was responsible for the decline in the quality of Austrian saunaclubs.

The article included an interview with a manager of one of Vienna’s better clubs, who provided insight into the matter.

According to the manager, clients of FKK Clubs and Saunaclubs are the hardest to please. The nature of the FKK Saunaclub business is “all-inclusive,” meaning that clients pay an affordable and reasonable entry fee and can participate in a half-hour session with one of the girls. However, the success of these clubs relies heavily on the girls working there, as they handle all other money transactions.

The manager argues that Funpalast Saunaclub made a misstep when they introduced a new, cheaper pricing system, breaking the natural market balance.

This system included an 80 euro entry fee and a ticket for a half-hour session with a girl, which cost 50 euros. The remaining 30 euros went to Funpalast.

This price drop had a significant impact on the Vienna brothel market, as girls from other clubs flocked to Funpalast, and clients moved from other clubs to take advantage of the cheaper prices.

This new system caused market disruption, as girls started asking for higher prices for their services, and Funpalast struggled to keep up with the demand. Moreover, the pursuit of the best deal is unnatural when it comes to quality services and beautiful ladies.

What does the future hold for the girls working at Funpalast?

A user has already posed the question on the Sex Vienna Forum that interests us as well: What will happen to the girls working at Funpalast if the sauna club does indeed close down?

According to the forum user, many of the girls will move to laufhauses and Goldentime sauna club. Some of them may look for work at Maxim Wien, and some will move to Germany to continue working there. It is expected that those who previously worked on the street as prostitutes will go back to working on the streets.

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