How Not to Behave in Respectable Gentlemen’s Clubs

In an era where social nuances are becoming increasingly sophisticated, understanding the unspoken rules of engagement in different settings is crucial. This is particularly true in the exclusive and often misunderstood realm of gentlemen’s clubs. These establishments stand as unique spaces, offering an array of services and experiences that require a certain level of decorum and respect.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate these enigmatic territories with grace and finesse. Let’s delve into the practices you should definitely avoid when in a reputable gentlemen’s club, like Maxim Wien or Babylon Vienna.

14 things not to do in a gentlemen’s club

1. Negotiating Prices: It’s ill-advised to haggle over prices in a gentlemen’s club. These establishments are steeped in a culture of discretion and sophistication, where haggling over prices can be seen as a gauche move. Asking for discounts may also be perceived as disrespectful to the service providers, potentially souring the atmosphere.

2. Arriving Too Late: While it might seem tempting to make a grand entrance at the eleventh hour, it’s typically not the best strategy. The most sought-after girls might already be engaged, leaving you with limited options. Arriving at a reasonable hour allows you to engage more fully and enjoy the best the club has to offer.

3. Respecting Boundaries: In any situation, consent and respect should be your guiding principles. If a lady declines to provide certain services, do not insist. It’s essential to respect their boundaries and preferences. A gentlemen’s club is not a space for demanding or forcing anyone into uncomfortable situations.

4. Maintaining Decorum: The way you treat the sex workers speaks volumes about your character. Be kind, respectful, and treat them with the same courtesy you would extend to any other woman. Abrupt, rude, or overly forward behavior is not appreciated in these settings.

5. Honest Communication: If you are not interested in engaging with a particular girl, it’s important to communicate this respectfully. Avoid saying “maybe later” if you do not mean it. A straightforward, respectful refusal is always preferable to deceit.

6. Protecting Privacy: Respect the privacy of the sex workers in the gentlemen’s club. Do not ask for their real names, personal contact details, or pry into their personal lives. If they choose to share something personal, let them initiate the conversation.

7. Avoiding Unwanted Contacts: In the same vein, do not give your phone number to the girls. While it might seem like a good idea in the moment, it could lead to complications in the future.

8. Steering Clear of Illegal Activities: Do not assume or imply that the sex workers are involved in illegal activities. Asking for drugs or other illicit services is strictly prohibited. It’s important to remember that prejudice and stereotypes have no place in a gentlemen’s club.

9. Respecting Their Profession: Do not attempt to ‘save’ the ladies from their profession. The reasons for their choice of work are diverse and personal. Most of them are there by choice and enjoy their independence.

10. Balancing Naivety and Cynicism: While honesty is appreciated in a gentlemen’s club, excessive lying can mar your experience. Simultaneously, do not be naive enough to believe everything you are told. Understand that some stories might be embellished for the sake of entertainment.

11. Being Present and Engaged: Upon entering the club, don’t immediately bury your nose in your phone. This behavior might be interpreted as disinterest, making the girls feel uncomfortable.

12. Respecting Personal Space and Privacy: Under no circumstances should you take photos or videos of the sex workers. This is a gross violation of their privacy and could land you in serious trouble. A gentlemen’s club is a space of trust and discretion; breaching this can lead to immediate expulsion or worse.

13. Dressing Appropriately: One should not show up in a state of disarray to a sophisticated venue. Your attire should match the ambience of the club. This doesn’t mean you need to don a tuxedo, but looking presentable is a must. The way you present yourself is a reflection of your respect for the setting and the people in it.

14. Maintaining a Balanced Presence: While it’s good to engage and interact, don’t overdo it by frequenting too many places in a short span of time. This could portray you as a person who is indecisive or disorganized, and it may detract from the attention you receive from the ladies.


In conclusion, a gentlemen’s club is a world of its own, with a unique set of social etiquettes. Respecting these unwritten rules not only ensures a memorable experience for you but also contributes to a harmonious environment. By acting with discretion, kindness, and respect, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience these clubs have to offer.

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