Red Light District Boss Sets Sights on Political Stage, Plans Party Launch in Vienna

Vienna is about to witness the emergence of a new political player, offering protest voters an alternative choice. Christoph Lielacher, CEO of Funpalast, has unveiled his ambitious plan to enter the realm of politics in the Austrian capital with a party dedicated to the Red Light District.

Following in the footsteps of Marco Pogo, the renowned rocker-turned-politician, Lielacher, who owns a sauna club, is determined to make his mark in the political arena. Reports from the reputable publication “Krone” confirm his intention to establish the “Red Light District Party.” Lielacher has already made waves in the media during the pandemic with his establishment’s unique COVID-19 vaccination station. Now, he seeks to channel his passion into a serious political endeavor, claiming that five representatives are poised to defect and join his party.

Lielacher’s mantra revolves around creating an environment where individuals who work hard can also enjoy a sense of comfort and pleasure in their own country. As a gesture of this commitment, he already offers free admission to his establishment every other Saturday. However, he believes that for a significant portion of the population, the focus has shifted from achieving work-life balance to sheer survival. Lielacher accuses politicians of neglecting this pressing issue, asserting that a state of “standstill” persists.

The Red Light District Party aims to be the catalyst for change. Among their proposed measures is the introduction of a price cap on energy costs, intended to alleviate the burden on citizens. Additionally, they advocate for relief measures specifically targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. Departing from the conventional notion of a four-day workweek, the party argues for a different approach. According to the “Krone,” the party is currently gathering fresh endorsements from supporters. Their immediate objective is to establish a strong presence in Vienna, with the ultimate ambition of participating in the upcoming national parliamentary election.

The entrance of the Red Light District Party into Vienna’s political landscape injects a new dynamic, promising to provide alternative perspectives and policy proposals. As protest voters eagerly await the unfolding of this unconventional political journey, it remains to be seen how far Lielacher and his party can go in reshaping the discourse and priorities of Austrian politics.

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