Punter Report – 3 Independent Sex Workers Not Recommended

In the past years, we mentioned Booksusi a lot, as it was a place where punters were able to use an AO filter for filtering sex workers. This put pressure on the girls to provide it even if they were not comfortable with it, to avoid being filtered out. After showing that such a filter option is now prohibited by law, the site is still one of the most well-known places where you can encounter illegally and potentially health book-lacking prostitutes.

We have received a report from a local punter who tried three independent sex workers from Booksusi but was dissatisfied with the results. After reading his words, you will understand why. Here are the reviews of the sex workers:

  1. Adelina (illegal sex worker in IBIS Budget Hotel)
  2. Giulia (unfortunately disgusting)
  3. Alice (Schwedenplatz no taboos)

Adelina (illegal sex worker in IBIS Budget Hotel)

Adelina is from Romania and usually works in Graz but occasionally tries her luck in Vienna. She offers her services in an IBIS Budget hotel. She is a nice person and looks even better in real life than in the images. She provides various services, including sex without a condom. However, engaging in AO sex is her choice, which brings me to the negatives.

She is working illegally in an IBIS hotel in the 2nd district. She could choose to work in any club or studio, as these places are currently hiring. However, it seems she prefers to continue working in a hotel. This should raise red flags for various reasons:

  1. The fact that she works from a hotel room raises questions about whether she has a health book or not.
  2. The hygiene situation is highly questionable, as it is with various AO girls, and as punters, we face this problem every day.

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Giulia (unfortunately disgusting)

She is a nice and open-minded person but seems kind of lost in my opinion. It is hard to determine if her images are real, but they hide her body, which is, sorry to say, not sexy. In fact, the pictures are misleading and do not reflect Giulia’s actual appearance.

Another problem is that she talks too much. At the moment, I don’t see why people would book her for a second time.

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Alice (Schwedenplatz no taboos)

Alice works in Schwedenplatz, in the center of Vienna, which is an ideal location. She offers her services in an illegal one-room apartment with a good view of the Danube canal.

While she could work in a sex club or a studio, since we never heard of her working anywhere officially and she always advertises her services from an apartment, it is not unrealistic that she is without a health book.

She offers everything without a condom, including anal. I strongly believe that hygiene comes into play. As quickly as she undresses her panties and stands naked in front of you, she puts the panties back on without taking a shower. She might take a shower after you leave, but who knows…

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