5 Mistakes Smart Sex Workers in Vienna Don’t Make Twice

How to Be More Successful in This Industry

Working in the sex industry can be genuinely challenging, especially when building up your reputation and loyal client base. This journey can be lengthy as you strive to achieve your goals, and you will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes.

But there are things that, if you are smart enough, you won’t make twice, and in this article, we will go through them one by one. By reading them, it is also possible that you can completely avoid them and be more successful in this industry.


Mistake #1: Taking drugs or being too drunk at work

Working at night can be exhausting, and you might think that speeding up yourself with legal or illegal drugs or pills can be a good idea. However, these substances can lead to strong addiction after a short period, making it very difficult to stop using them.

Working as an addict can utterly ruin your performance, making you a semi or fully unconscious human wreck, which can affect your position at the sex club. High-class sex clubs won’t let you work in such a condition, and you can quickly find yourself without a job.

At the end of this road is working in a shady sex studio with significantly less money, serving bad men who will use you without inhibitions.

Alcohol can be consumed more responsibly, even if you will drink the best champagnes with your clients. You will have to learn your limits and not bring alcohol consumption into your private life. Consuming too much alcohol can ruin appearance and body in only a few years, so it is not worth breaking your career because of the it.

Mistake #2: Breaking the club’s rules where you work

There are other rules at every top-notch sex club to run the place smoother and provide a better experience for the guests. These rules also protect you and the other sex workers. If you think you stand above the rules and can literally do anything, then such behaviour can also ruin your career at the club.

drunk sex worker in a luxury sex club in Vienna

No management will tolerate this for long, and it happens that a new sex worker is fired on her first working day because of non-appropriate behaviour.

Mistake #3: Don’t steal other girls’ clients in the club

Sometimes there are fewer guests in a club than the ladies, just because it is a dead period of the year or there are other reasons.

But this does not mean that you are allowed to steal clients from other ladies, even if you think you are better, more beautiful, or smarter.

Luxury sex clubs do not tolerate such behaviour because it would generate a huge conflict between the sex workers, resulting in a less user-friendly atmosphere for the guests. And anyway, it is always better if the club employees help each other instead of fighting each other.

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Mistake #4: Giving your phone number to clients

When you are at work, your primary task is to provide companionship to the customers and get paid for it. But you also have private life, where you meet your family, your friends, or regenerate between workdays.

phone harrasment

If you provide your phone number to the clients, you mix your private life with work and won’t be able to avoid unwanted interest from some people.

In a sex club, you are protected by the management and bodyguards, but if you give access to someone to your private number, then no one will be there to protect you from possible harassment.

And if you want to work independently in your free time, it is fine until it does not conflict with your everyday workplace, and the management does not forbid it. If so, then you should choose between having a top-notch sex club behind you or trying to work alone.

If you want to switch to independent sex worker-style, it is worth using an extra phone number for it, so you can switch off the phone when you need a break.

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Mistake #5: Burning your bridges when you leave the sex club

It is quite normal if you want to explore new possibilities, and for this, you try another luxury sex club or a different brothel type. It is completely up to you, but you should never burn your bridges when you leave a club.

You should know that it often happens with the best places that the girls return to a club where they worked before. If you want to keep this possibility for yourself, always close the business connection with the club management in order and terminate your employment in peace. The best places’ management will honour this and keep the place’s doors open for you if you decide to return later.

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