Acquittal After Sex with Teens by the Lake

Two men had to face trial at the Klagenfurt Regional Court on Friday for sexual abuse. Video evidence cleared the duo, and the men were acquitted.

An excursion on an electric boat at Lake Wörthersee took a Russian and his Bosnian friend (27 and 34) to the defendant’s bench. The two men were accused of sexually abusing two 16-year-olds in the Krumpendorf area by the lake at the end of May last year.

Defendants pleaded not guilty

During the trial at the Klagenfurt Regional Court, the duo denied any involvement in rape and insisted to Judge Gernot Kugi and the jurors that the sexual activity with the two girls had occurred voluntarily.

Then came the crucial video evidence that was recorded on that summer day. It showed the two girls getting close to the defendants. Also, the fact that the two minors lied about their age – they claimed to be 18 at the time of the incident – convinced defense attorney Hans Gradischnig that they were already “ready for a romantic relationship.”

The video evidence became the decisive factor for the verdict. Judge Kugi noted that it was clear from the video that there had been attempts at closeness. Therefore, in doubt, Mr. Rat acquitted the two men, but emphasized, “Today’s question was not about whether approaching girls of this age is acceptable.” The verdict is not final.

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