66-Year-Old Man in Vienna Gets 5-Year Prison Term for Trading Drugs for Sex

The Repeat Offender Faces Prison Again

In Vienna a 66-year-old man has been sentenced to five years in prison for a disturbing scheme where he traded drugs in exchange for sexual favors. The man had a long history of previous convictions and had been running a drug business since 2020, primarily dealing in cocaine, drug substitutes, and mind-altering substances.

This case revolved around the exploitation of three younger women who were struggling with drug addiction. The man took advantage of their vulnerability by pressuring them into performing sexual acts in return for drugs. It was known in the drug community that he offered drugs in exchange for sex, and some women accepted this offer, thinking it was a way to get drugs without paying.

He Was Found Guilty

In three specific instances, the man was found guilty of using the women’s drug dependence to his advantage. The court determined that he violated the women’s right to make their own choices regarding their bodies. In two cases, he was also convicted of sexually abusing them while they were in a compromised state due to drug use. Disturbingly, he had recorded these incidents with his phone.

The judge emphasized the seriousness of the situation, with videos showing “completely motionless women” in helpless situations. The court did not believe the man’s claims that the women were not vulnerable during these encounters.

Aside from the prison sentence, the man faced drug trafficking charges. He had sold more than a kilogram of cocaine and a significant quantity of Substitol tablets, which he had obtained from a pharmacy to manage his own addiction. He admitted to using the drug trade to support himself financially.

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