A 23-year-old robber faces 15 years in prison – the money was already spent in Laufhauses

A 23-year-old Turk from Mühlviertel robbed the local bank branch on October 23. Dressed in dark clothing and armed with a razor blade, he attacked the two bank employees, forcing them to give him 14,970 euros. The young man placed the money into a garbage bag and fled on foot.

The robber successfully escaped from the scene

Initially, the escape was successful, and the bank robber felt a false sense of security. Although he later claimed financial difficulties as his motivation, he began to spend his money recklessly, often on various forms of entertainment. Within about a week, he had squandered almost the entire loot, primarily on hotels and brothels.

However, the ongoing investigation eventually led to his apprehension. When the special police unit Cobra raided his apartment in Schwertberg, there was barely anything left of the stolen money. The young Turk had spent almost the entire 15,000 euros on sex workers. He also made a significant mistake, which made it easy for investigators to secure a conviction, as he had kept the clothing and weapons used during the robbery.

The trial is scheduled for February 6 at the Regional Court in Linz, and it is expected that the robber will maintain his comprehensive confession. The jury trial is set for only three hours. The defendant faces a lengthy period of incarceration, with the minimum sentence being one year in prison, but he could receive up to 15 years.

An interesting detail of this robbery is that during the police investigation, they unexpectedly discovered a van in Ottensheim with Hungarian license plates. Inside, they found 31 migrants, including 10 children, and the Afghan smuggler was immediately taken into custody.

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