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Comparison of Vienna’s Sex Studios and Contact Studios

As I have already compared Laufhauses in Vienna and FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna I think it is only fair to now compare also Vienna’s many sex studios. And I had a few requests of my readers to do so and I am more than happy to oblige. :)

There are many facets and many qualities or lack thereof and caegories in which to put and describe Vienna’s Sex Studios.

What mostly differs from Nightclubs in Vienna or any other of the many sex systems that we have in Vienna is the fact that it is really only about sex and nothing else. Unlike with escort services, in studios you usually do not intend to spend lots of time there to communicate. No, you want sex, buy it, do it and when you are done with it, you get the hell out of there. That is the case much more often than not. There are exceptions of course.

That said, now I have to find a way and categorise the Vienna sex studios because of the many different facets and price and service ranges:

Different categories of Vienna’s Sex Studios

I think 3 categories are enough to paint a good enough picture here, but please bear in mind at all times that this is my personal opinion only and may differ from what other experienced punters in Vienna say or think. You should also know that there 3 categories do not cover everything there is to say about this interesting topic:

  1. Studios that offer cleanliness, good service and pretty girls
  2. Studios that offer sex without condom
  3. Studios that should be avoided at any cost

I am not able to write very extensive reviews about all the studios , so I will stick to the basics as well as I can and will try to give a good insight, an evaluation and a kind of quality rank. At least of some sort. I will also not write about specific girls and experience I had with them and if I had an experience already then I will link to that content – my own post!

Studios with beauties that are clean and offer good service

This list will not be complete because it can never be. This is also my personal opinion, can’t stress this fact often enough. I will add a more complete list on the bottom of the category later on. Also the more complete list can never be complete…EVER.

1. Termin Pornbabes

Anton Bruckner-Gasse 13 –  2345 Brunn am Gebirge

This studio is not really in Vienna and it is not really a studio as it actually is a real villa in the outskirts of Vienna, in Brunn am Gebirge. I am listing it here because it is Vienna’s best Studio if you are willing to pay the price. Usually it is worth it.

Termin Pornbabes Sex Vienna

The USP – unique selling point – of Termin Pornbabes is the fact they are the only place in Austria that hosts real pornstars week after week. Granted, the portfolio has gotten thinner and now the majority of girls working there are not real porn stars but only starlets or even just cover girls of erotic magazines or so called “fashion girls”. But every now and then a real porn star is there which makes this unique place even better.

Reasons why this is Vienna’s best Studio:

  • it is an actual villa and super clean and big
  • rooms are awesome
  • it is discreet
  • girls change every week
  • girls are pretty
  • real pornstars

this standard and quality comes at a price. They offer something like packages but it is all pretty transparent and easy

Standard Prices (although dependent on the girl category) 

  • 30 minutes: 100€
  • 60 minutes: 150€
  • everything else is extra – BBBJ and kissing and really everything else
  • higher category of girls means higher prices

Although this is a bit steep, if you can afford the Termin Pornbabes, they are  your absolute best choice if it has to be a studio.

2. Studio SexiHexi

Engerthstraße 108 – 1200 Vienna

I have written a positive report about Chanel in Studio Sexi Hexi 

Sexyhexi Vienna Sex

The people running this studio have allegedly a long history in Vienna’s sex scene and from what I have heard did their business in many other places and locations before ending up at where they have been for quite a while now. The other locations were:

  • Gallmeyergasse 19 – 1190 Vienna
  • Romanogasse 21 – 1200 Vienna
  • Engerthstraße 207 – 1020 Vienna

This contact studio is run by the beautiful Sam, Samantha, Sammy who has been a sexworker as well for a few years and who has ended her career to be a studio host only. While that is a big shame to many of us punters, as she she is really really stunning, one can only be happy for her to actually being able to make this difficult transition.

Well, this studio is filled with mostly very pretty girls from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and in rare cases also Hungary, Russia and Romania. The service level is quite high and depending on the girl, GFE is possible. The prices are

  • 20 minutes: 55€
  • 30 minutes: 75€
  • 60 minutes: 120€

The studio is very clean, always smells nice, the girls are always pretty and friendly and the showers, bath rooms are in good enough shape to not stand in the way of a great and healthy sex experience.

3. Studio Club Doreen

in Ortliebgasse 10 – 1170 Vienna / Haslingergasse 13A  which is the sister studio around the corner

Blonde silicone and botox enhanced Doreen is a bombshell and is said to having been a stunning beauty a few years ago. Since after the operation she may still be sexy to many people but certainly not to me although one can clearly see what a perfect beauty she must have been once. That is a question of taste and I am not gonna waste anyone’s time with my opinion.

Erotic Club Doreen Vienna

Fact is that her studio has been a successful place for many years and Doreen has made a good name for herself due to her high level of service and the beauty of the girls she usually takes under her wings. I think she can also be booked, if that is what you want. Apart from herself, there are about 4-5 good looking girls in that studio. Mostly from Hungary and the Czech Republic but not exclusively from there. The studio is clean, modern and tasteful. The rooms are big and in good condition as are the sanitary facilities there.

The prices start from 90€ for a quicky which they call “Kurzstreckenticket”. To find out all prices for all ladies you’d need to speak with them in person. I would estimate the following:

  • 20 minutes: 90€
  • 30 minutes: 130€
  • 60 minutes: 170€

4. Studio Wolfganggasse

Wolfganggasse 38 – 1120 Wien

Studio Wolfganggasse Vienna

This studio is a marginal choice and I only list it here because the apartment is nice and clean and the girls in the house are mostly pretty and change a lot. They have a big rotation going on and change girls every week. It also is cheap which may be a decisive factor for many readers.


  • 30 minutes: 50€
  • 60 minutes: 90€
  • all extras are charged – nothing is included and the prices differ from girl to girl

5. Studio Asia Girls

I have written a report about this Asian Studio with Beauties a while ago.

Asia girls Vienna - Sex in Vienna Blog

This was at a time when the girls were so pretty, that was unheard of and unseen in Vienna. Unfortunately it lasted just a few weeks and the prettiest girls had to go. The reasons why are clear but I am not gonna get into that topic right now. It has to do with the current prostitution law in Austria. If they were to manage and get Asian Beauties back as they managed a few months ago, they will be right there in the middle of Vienna’s best Studios. Right now, they are not there. Not even close. Not in my opinion anyway.

Studios that offer Sex without Condom (AO)

Some people will say it is a shame, some will say it is a tragedy and an outrage. Some people say it is the best thing that has ever happened to the Vienna sex scene, some say it is the beginning of the end.

I don’t know what about that is true and what is not…

I can only give you my opinion and I am critical about the development that the Vienna Sex scene is going through or what it is becoming. Still I am also going to those studios although I am not consuming AO which means sex without condom. But the girls working in those studios are often pretty and do things that I like so I drag myself also in studios like that.

I am going to list a few of them now. This is not a quality rank, nor a warning nor a recommendation. This is merely an FYI

Studio Relaxe – Stolberggasse 21A – 1050 Vienna and

Studio La-Chica – Penzingerstraße  95 – 1140 Vienna

Those 2 studios belong together and are notorious for marginal service but also for attracting young and pretty girls, mostly from Romania, sometimes from Hungary. The owners and the staff are generally very nice and customer oriented, or so it seems. The girls on the other hand are not really on the same level.

Studio La-Chica Wien

Reason why that is the case is the very low cut they get from the studio. Bear this in mind when you “invest” in a girl there. She will not get a lot of the cash that you pay. This is true for almost all AO Studios so I am gonna shut up about it from now on.


  • 15 minutes: 50€
  • 30 minutes: 60€
  • 60 mins: 90€
  • escort service: 100€
  • extra for AO 10€

Really? Only 10€ more to upgrade  to AO? Yes, REALLY!

All Studios in Nordwestbahnstrasse which is also called “Rote Meile”

This is in the 2nd district and is the part (end) of this street which pretty much merges into Taborstrasse, the main shopping street in Vienna’s 2nd district.

There are 4-5 Studios next to each other and they all have girls that do AO – almost all of them do it and I wouldn’t vouch for them to send their girls to the weekly health inspection. Maybe I am wrong about that.

These studios are very low budget, old and not very clean. the street is wide open, directly across a gas station and right at a tramway stop. So much for discreetness. You will find some Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian girls there. There are pretty ones amont them.

Prices? They vary from girl to girl and door to door. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I do not have much more to say about “Die Rote Meile”

Studio Engerthstraße 207

Engerthstraße 207 – 1020 Vienna

Studi Larissa

There is some connection to the highly recommended Sexi Hexi studios. Maybe they are just friends or partners but this studio used to be the Sexi Hexi Studio for a while and now it is an AO studio but probably the cleanest one. Actually there is a second branch in

Nußdorferstraße 70A – 1090 Vienna


  • 20 minutes: 60€
  • 30 minutes: 80€
  • 60 minutes: 110€
  • AO an extra 50€

Studios that should be avoided

Siebertgasse 6 – 1120 Vienna

Siebertgasse is know for a lot of things, none of which is positive. The location is not clean, the girls work there non stop which is never a good sign, they do AO but the service they offer is hardly inspired. Despite the cheap price and few taboos, I would recommend to avoid the place.

Ungargasse 22/1 – 1030 Vienna

The reason why I am telling you to avoid this studio is simple. They are not honest about the girls working there. They have procen on many many occasions that they love to use fake photos from real pretty babes but they were, of course, never there to welcome you for sex. This is bad enough as it is betrayal and I cannot condone that.

Join the discussion now on Sex-Vienna if you have questions or want something to add:

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