Prostitutes drug and rob clients

Two women and a man are in court in Vienna for drugging and robbing clients. The two women, who worked as prostitutes, and their 53-year-old partner, are accused of carrying out these crimes over a long period.

According to the Vienna public prosecutor, the group targeted older, single men through online dating and escort sites. They used fake names like “Romana,” “Miranda,” and “Julianna,” and the women met the clients their homes. They drugged the men using knockout drops, making them unconscious.

The women put the drugs in the victims’ drinks. The men passed out and stayed unconscious for up to two days because of the strong drugs. During this time, the suspects stole cash and valuable items. In three cases, they took entire safes, as well as brand-name clothing and a porcelain doll. The 53-year-old man waited outside to pick up the women and the stolen goods. They caused over €73,000 in damages across Austria.

Punters should be careful with online dating sites and catalogs, as illegal prostitutes and criminals often target their victims in such places. Read our articles by clicking on the button below:

They lived in complicated relationships

Besides their criminal activities, the defendants also had complicated personal relationships. The 53-year-old man, from Hungary, had been in a relationship with the 28-year-old woman since 2018. Four years later, he started a relationship with the 43-year-old co-defendant and moved to Linz with her. He then reconnected with the younger woman, leading to a brief period where all three were in a relationship together.

The court hearing for the robbery charges is on May 22 at the Vienna Regional Court. The defendants are not expected to appear united, as the 43-year-old has testified against her co-accused, and the younger woman is pregnant with the 53-year-old man’s child while in pre-trial detention.

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