The court may send the suspect, who killed three sex workers, to a mental health facility

The court in Vienna is dealing with the serious case where three sex workers were killed. The suspect, Ebudallah A., might not go to prison because a psychiatric expert believes he was mentally ill during the crimes.

Dr. Peter Hofmann, a well-known psychiatrist, says that Ebudallah A., a 27-year-old from Afghanistan, has paranoid schizophrenia. This means he was very unwell and not in control of his actions when he attacked the women. The psychiatrist’s report, which is 65 pages long, suggests that Ebudallah is very dangerous and should be kept in a special center for people with similar issues, rather than in a regular prison.

He killed the women with 96 knife stabs

The attacks happened in February at an erotic studio in Vienna. Ebudallah A. is accused of killing three women with 96 knife stabs. The attack was so violent that one woman was almost beheaded, and another woman hasn’t been identified yet. The police have asked Interpol to help with the case.

Ebudallah A. told a strange story about meeting a woman in a Serbian refugee camp who he claimed was a witch and tried to turn him away from his religion. He believed that the women he killed were working with the witch and were against his religious beliefs.

He admits to the killings but says he was fighting evil influences, claiming that God had called him to a holy war. He even prayed and went to a mosque on the day he committed the crimes.

His lawyer, Philipp Springer, stresses that Ebudallah A. is sick and needs treatment, not prison. The lawyer expects the court to place Ebudallah in a mental health facility according to the law, which allows this for people who are a danger to others because of their mental condition.

Despite what experts and evidence suggest, Ebudallah A. insists he is healthy and wrongly medicated.

The case is ongoing, and the court must decide how to handle someone who committed crimes but was mentally ill at the time. Ebudallah A. is considered innocent until proven guilty.

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