Suspected Pimp Arrested for Allegedly Forcing 20 Year Old into Prostitution

A 31-year-old Romanian citizen is alleged to have forced a 20-year-old girl into prostitution, sexual coercion and physically injured her on several occasions. The case was presided over by judge Christian Braune in the Seventh Criminal Chamber at the Traunstein Regional Court.

The man has also been charged with drug offenses. The proceeding will be held on 29th October and 8th November at 9:15 a.m.

The pimp and woman knew each other from Romania

The woman and suspect knew each other from Romania. According to statement by Senior Public Prosecutor Dr. martin Freudling, the 31-year-old knew that the then 19-year-old had been working as a sex worker in the capital of Ireland, Dublin since 22nd January, 2021.

He approached her through Facebook and persuaded her to leave Ireland and start prostituting in Belgium.

The woman arrived in Antwerp in the beginning of April, 2021 on her own expense. From that point onward, the alleged is said to have acted as her pimp. He also took the majority of her earnings.

The woman was sent to Brussels where the alleged acted as her pimp again. He also arranged for the sale of cocaine to his clients through the woman. After she returned to Antwerp, she expressed her will to no longer work as a prostitute.

Consequently, the defendant pulled out a knife and threatened to hurt her warning that she had to continue at least until 1st July, 2021 or else he would cut up her face and send her “home in pieces.” Under pressure from the 31-year-old Romanian, the 20-year-old travelled with him by bus from Antwerp to Salzburg on 20th April, 2021.

According to the indictment, the 20-year-old refused to earn money through prostitution upon which the alleged hit her face with the back of his hand, punched her in the stomach and kicked her in the back.

Followed by additional slaps, the woman suffered painfully brutal bruises and a lacerated lip. She was again threatened with a knife to be killed should she go to the police or stop prostituting herself.

The pimp is said to have offered sexual services of the 20-year-old woman as a “discount” to a car salesman. In fact, the woman had to have sexual intercourse with the salesman against her will, according to her statement.

The 31-year-old pimp wanted to travel to Switzerland from Salzburg with the young woman on 27th April, 2021.

The woman got to see the knife again shortly before the Bavarian border. The pimp threatened to “kill” her should he be arrested.

The two were apprehended by the police at the Bad Reichenhall motorway border crossing at which point the defendant was found to be carrying marijuana with him. He was arrested.

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The 31-year-old Romanian says he is innocent

The defense attorney, Hans- Jörg Schwarzer from Berchtesgaden, has emphasized that, “My client says he is innocent.”

The 31-year-old Romanian has had a relationship with the young woman. He did not force her into prostitution nor did he injure her.

The defendant also stated that what the witness described was “fictitious.”

The judge maintained that the witness has injuries that correspond to the blows and kicks she described.

Against this, the defendant stated that the 20-year-old hit the steering wheel twice while the car was braking. She injured her foot getting out of the car. She also hit her back against an open window in the bathroom.

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He also maintained that she is prone to getting bruises easily. Lastly, the 31-year-old defended that he lived on savings during the period in consideration.

Everyone involved in the prosecution process was skeptical. Associate judge, Norbert Pollok insisted that the defendant considers sticking to his statements.

Playing the court for a fool would not work. The judge also clarified that lying with impunity would get the defendant nowhere and the witness will tell the truth when facing severe punishment. A confession will be of great value.

After a consultation break, the 31-year-old maintained that he was innocent.

pimp in Vienna

Presiding judge, Christina Braune demanded the witness to be summoned but she did not appear. Therefore, the evidence was formed on the basis of their assessment.

The accused’s assertion that the witness had a considerable criminal record in Romania before she left was disavowed by the Chief Public Prosecutor, Dr. Martin Freudling, after a phone call during the break. It was found that the 20-year-old has no criminal record.

The forensic medial expert, Dr. Fritz Priemer from Wonneberg, examined the 20-year-old at the time, promptly. It was found that she had “severe discoloration” in many places on her body.

The defendant mocked at the findings of Dr. Priemer on Friday, which reported extremely painful bruising as a result of heavy violence. The injury to the back was “abstractly life-threatening.” The expert recollected a sentence the 20-year-old uttered, “If he finds me, I’ll be dead.”

The psychiatric assessor, Dr. Stefan Gerl from the district clinic in Gabersee, attested that the defendant was fully guilty and – despite traces of drugs according to the report – no addictions were found.

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