Women lured and forced into prostitution in Austria

The Austrian police have recently made three arrests against a Romanian prostitution gang in Austria. The three people who were arrested forced more than 20 women into prostitution in Vienna and other Austrian cities. To find out more about this news piece and some of our other articles that were posted recently, be sure to continue reading this post now!

Romanian pimping gang forced women into prostitution

Three suspects have been currently arrested on the charges of human trafficking. The two men and one woman from Romania who were arrested have been forcing at least 24 women into prostitution and taking their earnings from them. The women who were forced to sell their bodies were mainly from Moldova and it is suspected that they have been forced since mid-2020.

Austrian police raid on apartments

The Austrian police have carried out eight house searches and successfully made three arrests. The three Romanian gang members who were arrested confessed to the crime during interrogation. The police also found evidence against them in the apartments and seized tens of thousands of euros in cash and valuables. The three gang members have been taken into custody and await their trial. Additionally, there are three more suspects who might have a link to the Romanian human trafficking gang. These suspects are currently being investigated.

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