Piano Bar has been rebranded to Manhattan Bar

The Piano Bar in Vienna has recently been closed and reopened again under a different brand. The bar now goes by the Manhattan Bar brand, which was previously considered a more successful name.

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Piano Bar is now closed and now uses the Manhattan Bar brand

In case you are unaware, Piano Bar wasn’t the most successful businesswise in recent years. Because of this, the management has decided to close down and try their luck with the more successful brand of Manhattan Bar.

According to our knowledge not much is going to change, but at this time we cannot say anything for certain. We speculate that the bar in Vienna will offer around the same number of ladies, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they spice things up and hire a couple of new girls to attract guests.

However, since the owners remain the same, we suppose there won’t be too many big changes incoming in the bar. The Manhattan Bar used to be located around Westbahnhof and it was considered to be a rather successful business.

Not long ago, they were required to close down, and this is when the management of the former Piano Bar came into the picture. Since they also had to close down, they started using the more successful brand of Manhattan Bar.

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Conclusion on Piano Bar becoming Manhattan Bar

At this time we cannot say if this brand change was a smart or successful move from the owners of Piano Bar and we will have to wait and see.

In any case, we will be sure to notify our readers of any further details we acquire about this transaction, as well as the future of the establishment. Until then, go ahead and check out some our related articles to learn more about the most recent Vienna related news!

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