Oral Sex Allowed in Berlin while Kissing Remains Taboo

The red light is officially switched on in Berlin after seven months of stagnation. Brothels have opened their doors, although sex workers and clients are still not allowed to have sexual intercourse. Right now, services such as bondage, erotic massages and similar are allowed.

According to the decision made by the Senate, only one client is allowed to be present per sex worker. An appointment has to be made beforehand in every case.

Services that are Still Not Allowed

The government still does not allow sexual intercourse, gang bang parties and facial practices such as kissing. Clients can enter only after showing a negative test and wearing a medical mask is also mandatory. The mask has to be on throughout the whole session for the client and the sex worker as well.

Of course, in the case of oral sex, women can take off their mask. Meanwhile, safety measures need to be followed in order to prevent infection. In Berlin, these rules are not quite precise at the moment, at least compared to the standards of the health administration.

Update: On June 15, the rules have changed. Brothels and prostitutes in general are not allowed to provide oral sex at all. None of the services that are close to the face are allowed. Clients and sex workers still need to show negative tests and wear medical face masks the whole time. Sexual intercourse is not allowed, while bondage and erotic massages are allowed.

Meanwhile, what about the Vienna Prostitution Scene?

Vienna is also taking health measures seriously. The difference is that brothels and escort agencies can work normally as long as clients show negative tests and respect the rules and regulations. Of course, sex workers need to take regular health checks and also have to be tested for Covid.

Rules and regulations can differ in each federal state but at least the situation allows sex workers to work without huge limitations.

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