Woman in Vienna Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Murder

On June 8th, 2021, the trial of a 27-year-old woman took place in the Vienna criminal district court. In the end of 2020, the homeless woman committed murder, as she admitted stabbing her 36-year-old friend. This all happened in a demolished house where the two had a picnic together.

Loose Friendship turns into a Complete Disaster

The first time the woman met the Czech native was in June 2020. They did meet a few times in homeless facilities until their final date, which was on November 18. The victim and the defendant bought three apples and two bottles of wine and looked for a good spot.

They decided to go to a demolished building on Sechtergasse that was widely used by homeless people. During the trial, the judge pointed out that the accused also had a knife in her rucksack. According to the woman, they bought the knife to peel and cut up the apples.

Before they met, the woman took two tablets of Praxiten anxiety relieving pills and also drank a bottle of vodka.

The Accused Tries to Justify for Self-Defense

The 27-year-old woman agreed to have consensual sex with the 36-year-old Czech on the mattress that was laid down in the demolished house. According to her words, she got scared to death at one point. As she bent over the victim, she saw his eyes being wide open and considered his facial expression as aggressive.

The next moment, the man reached out to grab her shoulder and push her away. That is when she took the knife out of the rucksack and stabbed him in the heart. She tried to justify this as self-defense in front of the jury, as in her words, she didn’t think she could have acted otherwise.

After the woman hastily escaped the building, she instantly regretted what she did. Although she wanted to call the ambulance, she didn’t do it and walked away from the situation instead. The 36-year-old man who was left there with his serious injury dragged himself to the entrance.

A man noticed him there and didn’t hesitate to call the ambulance. As the doctor arrived, he opened the chest of the Czech man and sewed up his damaged heart. Unfortunately, this was not enough and the man died on the way to the hospital.

The 27-year-old was arrested three days after the crime was committed with the suspicion of murder.

There was No Evidence of Sexual Assault

When the interrogations started, the woman claimed that the stab in the heart was all self-defense, as the Czech man tried to rape her. However, after the scene and the corpse got evaluated, it quickly turned out that there were no signs of sexual assault.

Gynecological examination was requested by the public prosecutor’s office but the 27-year-old refused it. This means that there was even less evidence that would have supported her claim of sexual assault.

The circle of the victim’s friends claim that the Czech man was a good-natured and in very good faith, basically harmless. Medical expert Daniele Risser was the one responsible to take a closer look at the body. She did not find any defensive injuries.

Gabriele Wörgötter, the psychiatric expert for the case, evaluated the 26-year-old and concluded personal disorder and drug addiction. The use of drugs had reduced her impulse control and her ability to empathize.

Although it is true that the woman was sane at the time of the crime, she still had a mental disorder. This also makes it more likely that she will commit similar crimes in the future.

The 27-year-old woman started consuming drugs ten years ago. She had consumed every narcotic drug that typically can be found on the streets. So far, all the prerequisites for her admission to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers are met.

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