Brutal Knifing Attempt Against Two Prostitutes in Vienna

It all happened in June 1, 2020 when a 22-year-old Czech male decided to take a short tour and visit a total of three prostitutes in Vienna. He had arranged an appointment with each of the girls the day before, two of whom were transsexual.

Things escalated to the point where the 22-year-old stabbed a 34-year-old transsexual sex worker several times using a jackknife. The victim is still alive, although he had totally destroyed her life, according to her words in front of court.

There Could Have Been Three Victims Total

The guy arrived to his first potential victim at 9:00 a.m. and it all went as usual until after the sexual intercourse. That is when he asked the lady to close her eyes, as he is about to give her a gift. Fortunately, she had a mirror in front of her and as she opened her eyes for a second, she saw a knife in the guy’s hands. The sex worker swiftly reacted to the situation and pushed the man out of the room.

A bit later at 1 p.m., he arrived to the second woman. There, the 22-year-old Czech realized that the circumstances were not ideal for another attempt. There were other people waiting in the garden close to the apartment and they could have seen everything through the window if they wanted to. He decided to leave shortly after arriving and without demanding the agreed upon services.

Only two hours later at 3 p.m., he arrived at the home of the third, 34-year-old transsexual sex worker. The Czech guy told her that he wants a massage with a role change at some point. They agreed on 100 Euros and so the massage began.

As the role change happened, he pulled out his knife and cut the 34-year-old several times. The main intention of the 22-year-old was to cut her throat.

Her Roommate Comes to the Rescue

The sex worker tried to defend herself as best as she could while screaming. Meanwhile, several more cuts followed until her roommate entered the room after hearing the screams. She immediately intervened, grabbed the hand of the 34-year-old and pulled her away, standing between her and the Czech male.

The roommate was in front of the perpetrator who continued the stabbing. This resulted in her receiving a deep cut on her upper arm. This is when she hastily left the apartment with the seriously injured transsexual, successfully saving her from further harm.

The Perpetrator Tries to Defend Himself

The 22-year-old tried to argue against the obvious by stating that stabbing the prostitute was an act of self-defense. He claimed that the 34-year-old touched him in a painful spot in the genital area during the massage, which led to him pulling out the knife.

According to his words, the situation demanded him to use his knife, which he always carries with himself as a carpenter. He also added that he regrets what happened and that it will never happen again. Then the Czech went on by explaining that he met up with the women with good intentions and only wanted to have fun.

Psychiatrist Speaks Up About the Incident

According to court psychiatrist Peter Hofmann, the Czech 22-year-old is likely a serial offender. Considering how the events unfolded, he concluded that this is a serious case of narcissistic and sadistic sex offense of the chaotic kind. The Czech male had no intention to clear the traces either.

Other characteristics of the attack include a high degree of planning and an intense outbreak of aggression. This sums up as a typical procedure for sadistic sex killers in general. Hofmann concluded that the 22-year-old has a serious disorder which includes a complete lack of emotion towards the accusations. He also said that this is one of those cases where the perpetrator is ready to go to extremes when it comes to inflicting pain.

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