Maxim Wien has a brand-new website

Another step in the sex club’s continuous development

Maxim Wien has a very strong online presence; the sex club is very active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The club also has a well-maintained website, where most of the girls are listed with their images and key pieces of information.

From time to time, the club launches a new website, probably to keep up with the fast-paced technology changes and to provide even better information on the site. We have just discovered that Maxim Wien has a new website again, so we have gone through it and checked what is new.

A quick overview of the previous website versions

We found a post on the Maxim Blog where the staff announced a redesign from 2019. Then, the site got a very modern look and was perfectly optimized for mobile and tablet devices as well. We have been visiting the website regularly since 2011 to get new information for our articles, and we also remember a few site variations. The above-mentioned blog post also shows a website version from 2006.

In 2019, Maxim Wien published a video, where they showed the evolution of the website since 2006. The improvement is very impressive:

The difference is even more visible if we compare the site to other top brothels‘ websites, which have not been improved in the past years. We also noticed that competitors often copy features from the Maxim site, which also shows that the competitors are tracking the developments and changes of other companies.

The sex club’s new site went online in April 2024

Although we did not know the exact date, we believe that Maxim Wien’s new website was launched in April 2024. On the main page, we can see the well-known slider with new girls’ images and other announcements from the club. The main colors remained the same: a kind of dark blue (maybe royal blue), white, and a little bit of pink. The site already uses the new logo of the sex club, with the big “M” letter and the “Erotic Nightclub Maxim Wien” brand name.

A new feature that Maxim features its newest girls on its main page as well. You can find a stripe with the latest blog posts as well, and by scrolling down, the map with the contact info of the place.

Visitors can use the route planner function of Google Maps to get directions to the club, and Maxim’s social media accounts are also listed there.

all girls on Maxim website

We can already see on the main page that the site is extremely fast; basically, we don’t need to wait for anything after clicking on the different menu items.

One of the main parts of the Maxim website is still the so-called All Girls page, where you can find all of the current and former girls as well. All of the girls have a profile, which can be accessed from the All Girls page.

A girl profile shows information pieces about the selected girl, including her name, age, weight, height, and breast size. Small icons show when a girl is new, a MILF, etc.

The detailed girl description gives us wider context, while the easy-to-use booking form can be used for escort bookings.

Mobile version

Unfortunately, there is still a huge problem with most of the biggest Viennese brothels’ websites on mobile screens.

Even the biggest places do not take good care of their mobile versions. There are only a few exceptions, including the biggest laufhauses, Peepshow Burggasse, and Maxim Wien.

We made screenshots of the Maxim mobile version during the check, and we did not notice any problems.

The site was fast, and we especially liked the girls’ section. The selected girl profile looked well on our mobile device, without unwanted elements, focusing only on the most useful pieces of information. The images were also perfectly displayed on the smaller screen.


The new Maxim website shows the effort of the management to provide visitors with all the necessary information, including the key pieces of information about the place, as well as the current lineup.

The site is fast on mobile devices as well, and all the usual features of the club are available on the new version as well. As experienced internet users, we don’t see any problem on the site; everything works smoothly after the design change.

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