These are the methods how girls cheat you on Booksusi

Fake girl profiles rule the lineup

Sex Vienna published many articles about Booksusi, where punters were fooled, or the girls’ services were extremely poor.

For example, you can read why such a date can go wrong, while another article reported a Hungarian group that targeted their victims on Booksusi and later stole their money without providing any services.

There were also cases where pimps started to use customers’ numbers sent to the advertised sex workers for contact. The aggressive men threatened the customers if they did not send more money for their imaginary additional services. Finally, here you can also read a report about three girls who were not recommended at all.

If you think that this platform can’t be worse, you are wrong; there are newer and newer tricks appearing on Booksusi. In this article, you can read how a batch of fake profiles rules the lineup of the portal, suppressing the other ads and fooling potential clients.


Party girls on Booksusi

Lately, the ads on Booksusi have started to feature a new type of ads. The slogan under the girl’s name was either “Party” or “Party Girl.” They used one of two phone numbers with fake addresses. We could easily find 12 profiles in a few minutes with the same two numbers and Party slogans.

Almost all of the profiles used the same girl pictures, mainly from one girl, occasionally from the other two girls.

The images look like stolen pictures from someone’s Instagram or Onlyfans account.

The girl details on the profiles (e.g., age, height, weight, breast size) were totally random and do not match the pictures. The introduction texts were also random. The girls had many positive reviews, which were totally nonsense.

This is wrong for both honest sex workers and customers

The result? If you opened Booksusi at that time, these fake profiles ruled the whole lineup, and you had a hard time if you wanted to open another profile. It seems there is a whole network on Booksusi of fake profiles, which distracts customers from normal and honest sex worker ads, causing damage to legal sex workers and customers as well.

We don’t have evidence that those girls who are run by the owner of fake profiles don’t have legal work papers or health checks, but it often happens in this scene. Girls who work in illegal apartments do not have obligations to follow the laws and they are not forced to do the regular medical examinations. In a legal brothel in Austria, sex workers should have a work permit and the health checks continuously.

We should also mention the aspect that such adverts can ruin customers’ trust in sex workers, as men run into more and more fake ads or they get scammed. At the moment, it is not clear what happens with clients who tried to book any of these fake girls, if they got only different sex workers for the sex date or were scammed or ripped off as well.

Why does Booksusi let such ads on the site?

The quality of Booksusi dropped continuously in past years, mostly because the owners of this portal did not put too much effort into removing the fake girl profiles and reviews. It still happens very often that scammers create new profiles with fake reviews, rip off the customers and then close the profiles and create new ones very soon. This way there is no chance that a dissatisfied customer can leave a warning on a scammer profile, and the scammers can restart their rip-off with a fresh profile.

But bulk profiles in a big number are somehow new on Booksusi, however, they can be spotted in a few minutes. We could easily find a dozen of them in a few minutes; there is no reason why the portal owners can’t do the same.

Fake reviews are common on punter forums as well. Read our article about how to identify fake girl reviews on punter forums. Click on the button to open it:

Powered by trust

Such websites, like Booksusi, are powered by trust; customers should believe that they get what they see on the girl profiles. If they will be fooled continuously, or even more, ripped off by scammers, they will never again use the portal for seeking new sex workers.

By now, we did not see such kind of bulk fake profile creation on competitors of Booksusi. We might think that scammers do not like the competitors, but it is also possible that the scam detection and moderation are stronger on alternative sites, and the fake profiles are deleted soon after they go online. Or at least, if they are in bulk, like now on Booksusi.

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