Conflict Arising from Purchased Services Results in Detainment of Hungarian Woman in Villach

An intense disagreement over the nature of the acquired services between a customer and an unlawful sex worker in Villach led to the apprehension of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman.

A regular argument ended with an unusual ending

An intense disagreement on February 2nd over the nature of the acquired services between a client and an illegal sex worker in Villach led to the apprehension of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman.

On the morning of February 2nd, local authorities responded to a dispute in a multi-unit apartment in Villach. Upon arrival, it emerged that a 27-year-old Hungarian woman was embroiled in a disagreement with a fellow 27-year-old Villach resident concerning the sexual services she purportedly provided.

Both had arranged an erotic massage through an online platform. The woman insisted that they had agreed on a massage encompassing the back and genital area, with no mention of sexual intercourse or oral activities. However, the man, who had prepaid for the services, had a differing interpretation.

Following this, law enforcement informed the woman about the illegality of her actions, deeming them an administrative offense. Further investigation revealed that the 27-year-old was already wanted for a prior offense, leading to her transfer to the Neufellach police station.

Due to the woman’s inability to provide a fixed address, authorities instructed her to remit a 100-euro security deposit. Abruptly, the woman began shouting and exhibited aggression. Since attempts to calm her proved futile, she was taken into custody.

The Hungarian woman was subsequently transported to the Villach police detention center and now faces charges.

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