Romance turns to fraud as prostitute swindles 1.8 million Euros from customer

Why never give your phone number to a sex worker

In a recent court case in Heidelberg, Germany, a 59-year-old man fell victim to a sophisticated love scam that left him defrauded of a substantial sum of €1.8 million. The accused, a Bulgarian woman, admitted to the charges of fraud (58 counts) during the trial at Heidelberg’s Landgericht.

The relationshop began in the red-light district

The man initially met the woman in Frankfurt’s red-light district, where their relationship began innocently. Over time, he became emotionally involved and started transferring significant amounts of money to the woman, who had shared stories of financial troubles and alleged threats from “dark forces.”

The accused admitted guilt to the charges at the start of the trial, and both sides reached an agreement on a proposed sentence of around four years and some months. This agreement is contingent on the woman’s full admission of her actions.

Love scams, also known as “Love-Scams,” are a recurring phenomenon, often involving smaller sums. However, in this case, the victim transferred tens of thousands of euros multiple times per week over several months, totaling a staggering €1.8 million.

The man, described as a rational individual working in IT, lost control over his emotions as the relationship intensified. He overlooked warning signs and financial red flags, transferring money to the accused for various reasons, including debts, threats, and alleged abductions in Bulgaria.

Despite doubts, the man’s hope for a shared life with the accused led him to believe and support her, even when faced with increasingly elaborate stories. The accused’s sudden trips to Bulgaria, coupled with distressing phone calls and messages claiming abduction, prompted the man to transfer what he believed to be ransom payments to a Bulgarian bank account.

The man eventually realized the deception when the accused failed to show for the final scheduled money transfer. This prompted him to stop the transaction and report the incident to the police.

Sex work is a profession, and it is never a good idea to make a close connection with the girls.

We have covered this topic many times in our previous articles, explaining why exchanging phone numbers with sex workers is a bad idea.

Sex work is a profession about providing enjoyable services in exchange for money. Even if the girl is super cute and dear, she is not your girlfriend.

You can be a regular customer with a sex worker, but it still means she is exceptionally skilled in her profession and does not have an emotional connection with you.

As a customer, you should never give your phone number to a sex worker. In the best brothels in Vienna, girls will never ask for it, and you can check their availability or book them through the management or the club’s website. We’ve written an explanatory article on this topic; you can read it here: How not to behave in respectable gentlemen’s clubs

In some cases, you may need to share your phone number with girls, especially when using the services of an independent sex worker. However, you should be very careful when doing this, as independents often work illegally in apartments and may have their own pimps. If you give your phone number to such girls, it can be immediately forwarded to the pimp, who may use it for shady purposes.

As we reported, there have been cases where pimps threatened customers after having sex with independents, demanding more money for imaginary extra services. When customers refused, the pimps threatened them, saying they would pay with “their blood”.

If you prefer escort services over brothels, we have compiled six reasons why high-class escort agencies are a better choice than independent escort girls, including health concerns and hygiene standards. Read the full article by clicking on the link:

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