Maxim Wien Review

If you’ve been following the Sex Vienna blog you know that we like to feature and recommend places in Vienna that truly deserve your time and money. The Maxim Wien sex club has been among the best adult entertainment venues in Wien for years, and we have already published posts about this place. Due to the fact that a lot has happened in the Viennese sex industry in recent years, we have decided to showcase another review of Maxim Wien, with everything that has changed since we last wrote about this club. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this sex club in Vienna now!

Nightclub Maxim Wien’s location

Maxim Wien is located in a very central area of the city and it is easily accessible by public transportation, with the metro station set very close to the front entrance. Due to the fact that it is located in a popular part of the town, there are shops, restaurants, hotels and all types of businesses surrounding the location.

Maxim Wien on Vienna map
Maxim Wien on Google Maps

Other notable nearby buildings include the Vienna State Opera, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Karlsplatz, which are only a few minutes’ walk away from the nightclub. Additionally, Maxim Wien is in one of Vienna’s safest and nicest districts; meaning that you don’t have to worry about your safety while visiting the club.

Stepping into the Maxim Wien Sexclub

The entrance to the club is hard to miss with a prominent sign above the entrance.

Sex Club Maxim Wien entrance
Maxim Wien’s entrance, source: Tripadvisor

As soon as a client enters, he is faced with a receptionist who can help navigate the client down to the bar area where the ladies and the drinks are located. The rooms for private affairs can be found on both levels of the club; there are 2 rooms and the special BDSM room in the bar area, and 6 more rooms upstairs. Since Maxim Wien is a gentlemen’s club, there is no entry fee; clients only need to pay for the drinks that they consume, as well as the services that the ladies offer to them.

Party in the bar area of Maxim Wien

In the downstairs area the atmosphere is always good, with a resident DJ taking care of the music while clients are enjoying the company of the ladies. The bar area has various drinks on offer, including soft drinks, spirits and a large selection of the finest champagnes to ensure an even better time. Additionally, there’s a stage in the bar where some Maxim girls like to showcase their dancing skills to suitable music played by the DJ.

How to find a girl for yourself in Maxim Wien?

Since Maxim always has plenty of girls in the club, finding the right lady for the moment is quite simple. The bartender and other staff members are always ready to assist with recommendations based on the client’s criteria. Additionally, the Maxim ladies who are not busy often approach clients and introduce themselves.

Clients can invite the girls for a glass of their favorite champagne and get to know them better. This can spark a conversation between the ladies and the clients, which can lead to private time in one of the rooms if the chemistry is right.

Clients are also able to browse through the available ladies on the club’s official website.

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What else is there in Maxim Wien?

In addition to the above mentioned things, the Maxim Wien club also has other interesting things on offer. The club has regular rooms, a special BDSM room, as well as VIP rooms for the clients, depending on what they are looking for. The VIP rooms are bigger than regular rooms and come with a bathtub or a Jacuzzi. Normal rooms are smaller and only have a shower; however, all rooms in the Maxim Wien club are equipped with at least a shower.

Maxim offers escort services if that is what the client desires. It is convenient to be able to preview a Maxim lady and pick her up at the club before an escort date. This eliminates the fear and stress over the wrong girl arriving to the date.

Those who would like to enjoy the club with friends also have this option in Maxim Wien. The club offers discounts on the drinks for bigger groups of clients and they support bachelor parties, birthday parties or even divorce parties. The Maxim club also welcomes couples as well, which is quite rare in Vienna.

Maxim Wien’s online presence

The Maxim Wien management has always paid attention to the club’s social media presence. Their Facebook and Instagram profiles are often being updated with the latest news about the club. Additionally, they regularly send out newsletters through which clients can read about the latest girls joining the club, events and other interesting news.

One of the latest promo videos of Maxim Wien Facebook page:

Prices in Maxim Wien

Clients who visit the Maxim Wien club can expect the following prices:

  • Entry: Free
  • Normal room price: 1 hour – €200
  • VIP room: 1 hour – €280
  • BDSM room: 1 hour – €400
  • Escort booking: minimum 2 hours – €500

The prices of the champagnes and other drinks can be viewed on the nightclub’s official website.

Final verdict on the Maxim Wien club

We have always recommended the Maxim Wien club to our readers because this is a business that has been successfully operational for decades now. Maxim has made a name for themselves having some of the best-looking ladies in any nightclub in Vienna. With a good social media presence, functioning and easy-to-navigate website, fair business practice and many beautiful ladies on offer, we still recommend this club in 2022 to anybody who is looking to have fun in Vienna.