Stripclub Maxim Wien Re-Opens with These Girls

Vienna’s number one Sexclub and Stripclub Maxim Wien is going to finally re-open on July 1st. According to their blog post, many girls are going to return. They have also announced that their lineup is only going to grow in the next couple of months!

There won’t be any restrictions that can stop the club from being open all night long! Although the Coronavirus Vienna crisis was quite harsh on all businesses, Maxim Wien is going to continue where it left off without any issues.

And, of course, many girls will await the guests right on the first week. Thanks to the incredible management behind the club, they are going to return with a convincing lineup. The loyalty of the Maxim Girls only shows how strong of an option Maxim really is in the Vienna paysex scene.

Now let’s see what exactly will await you in your all-inclusive stripclub!

Opening the Strip Club with a Strong Lineup of Maxim Girls  

Whether Stripclub Maxim Wien is open or not, the girls are just as loyal as years before. They simply believe in the future of the club and the opportunities it has to offer. Not to mention the team behind Maxim that seamlessly transitioned through this crisis.

All we can say is that we were quite pleased when we saw the list of Maxim Girls that will be available from July 1st. They managed to get back about half of the girls that worked there before it closed. And the best news is that the possibility of some additional girls joining the club is still in the air.

According to their latest announcement, the following girls are going to be available in the striptease club from July 1st:

  • Anna, Carla, Alice, Alina, Nicky, Dolly, Antonia, Selena, Denisa and Daisy

That’s right, the hottest redhead in the striptease club Daisy and numerous other highly appreciated Maxim Girls are going to be there. Besides these ladies that are going to be there on the first day, there are four others who will arrive in the course of July!

stripgirls at maxim wien stripclub in Vienna
Alina, Nicki, Antonia and Selena will be there on re-opening
striptease girls at maxim wien striptease vienna club
Alice, Daisy, Anna and Carla will be also join Maxim from 1st July

The girls who have announced the exact date of their arrival are the following:

  • Julia with the announced arrival of July 6th
  • The slender black-haired beauty Mary will arrive on July 7th
  • Valentina, the sexiest MILF in Maxim will arrive on July 7th
  • Shapely and cheerful Cassandra will be available from July 13th

Fortunately, the drop-dead gorgeous Valentina has also proved herself as a loyal Maxim girl!

A Month Full of Erotic Adventures Awaits You

Maxim is getting regular calls and applications from new girls who want to work there. In the near future, we expect to see many new girls on the website of Stripclub Maxim Vienna. In the meanwhile, feel free to check out the current lineup of girls in their gallery.

About Maxim Wien

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031

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