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Prostitute Dazed and Robbed Her Client

On May 28th, a 29-year-old prostitute allegedly dazed her client using narcotics. The plan was to rob her client, which she successfully did so according to the victim. She got away with two cell phones and took 3,800 Euros from him as well.

The prostitute did not admit the alleged crime, thus the Regional Court of Vienna adjourned the trial.

The woman worked for a Viennese escort service for years. At the point when she had established a considerable client base, she chose to visit only her regular customers. The guy who got narcotized by her was also one of the regulars who had his own preferred services.

Did She Really Narcotize Her Client?

It was back on September 21, 2019 when the prostitute was in his apartment. The guy asked her to wear a latex outfit while he kept drinking Red Bulls one after another. At one point, he suddenly fell asleep. According to him, the escort girl used a benzodiazepine called clonazepam to narcotize him.

The tests have shown traces of the abovementioned drugs in his blood. The 29-year-old prostitute denies it all, including the robbery part.

The defense attorney of the accused escort girl found out that her client is dependent on a specific medication. Since he had an accident, his leg was amputated and his condition requires him to take a specific drug. There is the possibility that he had taken the wrong drug during the date.

But this doesn’t change the fact that the escort’s fingerprints were all over the place. She had opened drawers and throwed boxes here and there, obviously looking for valuables. The prostitute stays in custody until the trial continues.

Night Clubs Try to Survive during the Corona Virus

Discos, bars and night clubs fall into the category of social gatherings that are very risky during the Corona virus in Wien. It is all up to the Ministry of Health to determine what is going to happen in this regard.

According to Martina Brunner from the Vienna Club Commission, we shouldn’t let that many people celebrate in such large confined places. The more people can fit in, the higher the risk. The Corona virus basically turned the joy of club celebrations into a taboo subject.

The Covid 19 measures are not as strict today as they were a few weeks before. However, this didn’t change much for the club owners yet. Those who want to bring back momentum in their business have to start slow. There are already clubs and bars that hold concerts where visitors have to sit.

The Nightlife of Vienna Has to be Preserved

If the places responsible for the Vienna nightlife would go bankrupt, it would cause long-term consequences that we definitely don’t want to see. It is important to keep the clubs and bars going despite the circumstances.

Otherwise, supermarkets and similar businesses are going to start to rent those same places. Nightlife can bring lots of young people to the city. Therefore, it is going to remain a very important economic factor in the near future even if it’s currently hard to keep the scene going.

The Economic Value of Vienna Nightlife is Huge

If we take a look at the numbers, 24,000 people are employed in 2,900 businesses that focus on the Vienna nightlife. These together generate a billion Euros in sales every year. It is currently a game of patience. There are currently negotiations going on with Rudolf Anschlober, the Minister of Health but it will take some time until things change for the better.

Many discos and night clubs are currently closed because it simply doesn’t pay off to operate them with a handful of guests. Hopefully, they will start working again with the proper measures against Corona including disinfection, distance rules and mask requirements.

Unfortunately, these measures are still not taken seriously by the majority of people. This lack of seriousness can potentially throw the Vienna nightlife scene back to a really bad spot at any point. But first, let’s see what the Minister of Health is going to say about it on June 15th.

Peepshow Burggasse Organizes Corona Concerts

The new, Coronavirus-friendly event is organized by Peepshow Burggasse. Introducing culture to the nightlife in Vienna during these tough times, the club brings Maria Bill and Voodoo Jürgens to the stage. The guests are welcome to watch this live show sitting in separate cabins in accordance with the distance rules.

Since the Peepshow is temporarily closed, it means there are currently no glory holes and cabin sex available in the club. People also forgot about gigs and performances in the city of Vienna because it was too risky during Coronavirus. But now, the closed Peepshow is a great spot for organizing a cultural event.

The Peepshow Organizes Shows Every Night

That’s right, and it was all approved by the Ministry of Health which was a pleasant surprise for everyone. It was a great opportunity for many artists such as Brigit Denk, Flüsterzweieck, RaDeschnig, Franzobel, Clara Luzia, Voodoo Jürgens, Christoph and Lollo, Bryan Benner and many more to perform until June 15th.

Bryan Benner and Maria Bill Guaranteed the Peepshow Vibe

During the evening, guests were encouraged to request 15-minute shows in an intimate setting. With their drinks in the cabin, they enjoyed the performance of Bryan Benner on the first evening. Voluntary donations were expected with the minimum being 15 Euros per 15 minute.

Part of the income generated there was donated to groups that support sex workers in Vienna. All in all, a successful evening with cheerful people. Everyone was amazed by the guitar play and voice of Bryan Benner.

Famous actress and singer Maria Bill was delighted by this idea. In her opinion, the establishment provided the ideal conditions which also comply with all Coronavirus measures. Peepshow Burggasse is recommended for everyone who misses art and culture in this wonderful city. They expect many people to visit the club in the upcoming weeks.

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