Beverly Hills Club is still closed after the lockdown

As most of you already know, all brothels, clubs, Laufhauses and other types of adult entertainment establishments were closed due to the Corona virus Wien outbreak. The government restricted all similar venues from operating for a certain amount of time in order to lower the risk of the virus spreading. The Beverly Hills Club in Vienna also had to close; however, unlike other establishments in the city, Beverly Hills did not manage to re-open once the restrictions have been lifted. For further information about the club, be sure to read the full post now!

We have previously posted about the Beverly Hills Club Wien back in 2016 when it seemed like it was the end of the club’s history. If you missed that post, go ahead and read it first before you continue, as the situation the Beverly Hills Club is in now is very similar to the one a few years ago. Click on the link to read the full post: Beverly Hills Club is Broke

Background information about the Beverly Hills Club

The Beverly Hills Club was a stripclub in Vienna that was fairly successful a decade ago. However, in recent years, the club didn’t have such a successful career. If you are unfamiliar with the Beverly Hills Club, it was a place where clients could enjoy some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while watching sexy girls dancing on the stage.

This was a striptease parlour, but unlike other similar establishments in Wien, sex with the girls was not possible. Some people speculate that this business practice was the reason for Beverly Hills’ downfall.

Beverly Hills Club still closed?

One of the community members of the SV Forum recently asked if it is true that the Beverly Hills Vienna still hasn’t opened although all brothels were allowed to operate again since July 1st. We can confirm this, as the club is still closed and we do not have any information about when (or if) the Beverly Hills Club is going to be open again.

Beverly Hills from outside, source: user contribution in Google Maps

Stripclub options in Vienna

Now that the Beverly Hills Club seems to be at the end of its road, there are not many strip parlours available in Vienna. In fact, Strip Club Maxim Wien is the only option in town for those who wish to watch sexy ladies undressing on the stage.

Maxim Wien and Beverly Hills were always the go-to option for striptease in Vienna, but there was always a huge difference between the two establishments. While Beverly Hills didn’t allow clients to have sex with the ladies, the Maxim Vienna club has always had this on offer. This might be the reason why it seems as though Maxim had a much better re-opening when compared to Beverly Hills.

Conclusion on Beverly Hills Club still being closed

We can confirm that the Beverly Hills Club is still closed and unfortunately we cannot say when the establishment is going to be operational again. We will make sure to keep our eyes open for any news in relation to the club and will let our readers know one way or another. A new site that is sure to find its audience. After all, the content on JAV-SEX is hardcore porn. Everyone who likes to get fucked hard is a must-see.

In case you wish to discuss this topic, the Beverly Hills Club Vienna prices, or you just want to see what others had to write about it, be sure to take a look at the SV forum and contribute if you can. Registration to the forum is completely free and you can join the community in mere minutes.

Check out the forum here: Beverly Hills Forum

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