AO Service in Vienna’s Sex Studios

There are many studios that started offering AO services in Vienna. The reason why this is happening is simple. Sex studios are in high demand by the clients because the clients are looking for AO service at a low price and this is exactly what AO Sex Studios are delivering.

AO services in Vienna and their effect on the sex scene

The fact that there are Sex Studios offering AO service is affecting the sex pay scene in Vienna, and not in a good way. Clients want more and more for less money. This results in 15 minutes bookings offered almost everywhere now, in all Laufhauses and Sex Studios.

FKK Clubs and Sex Nightclubs have stayed clear from the 15 minutes bookings (maybe some smaller and cheaper clubs like Kontaktcafé have the 15 mins option) so far by keeping their prices consistent and still attractive for the long term.

This way, the clubs have made it easy for their sexworkers to make due in rough times (Maxim and FKK Goldentime are a perfect example). Babylon is also a fine example, however they are in a higher price segment which makes them vulnerable to a decrease in clients.

But how is the AO service affecting girls?

Many girls begin to work in a Sex Studio and don’t offer AO service at first. This is due to obvious reasons (health mostly) but in time they cave in and offer AO anyways. This has a lot to do with the pressure of not having enough bookings unless they offer AO.

Here are some clubs where girls start without offering AO services in Vienna but eventually cave in:

  • Studio Stolberggasse
  • Studio La Chica
  • Studio Haberlgasse 71

A lot of pretty girls start to work in these 3 Sex Studios clear of AO service. Unfortunately, they eventually have to offer it in order to make more money. One example is Nataly – who started AO-free in her first 1-2 years of work but had to turn in 2012.

Nataly from Studio La Chica

Roxana from one of the studios mentioned above, Haberlgasse, started to offer AO very recently – . Same studio, Kristina also caved in and offered AO service –

Kristina and Roxana from Studio71 Wien

More money with AO service?

Yes, in general girls can make more money from offering AO service. But at what cost? Offering AO service can often affect the girls’ health, mind and sometimes even dignity.

And although it would be easier for the girls to move from the studio where everyone’s offering AO to another one that’s AO-free, the money they can earn by offering AO is too tempting.

For example, Nataly, the girl we mentioned before, tried to switch a couple of times already – she worked in LH Vienna, here’s a review we did on her a while back – but despite her attempts, she always ends up in Studio La Chica which can mean only one thing: the total amount of money she makes in La Chica by offering AO is way higher than what she can make in other places without AO.

Effect of AO on Vienna as a sexworking place

More and more girls offer AO services in Vienna. Does it also affect the other ones that stayed true to themselves? Or more importantly, does it affect girls that were considering Vienna as a workplace?

Yes and yes! The girls that didn’t offer AO service until this point, will most likely cave in to the pressure. If they are not earning enough money, they start to offer AO at some point. Also, the increase in girls offering AO service is making Vienna a much less attractive city to work in for the girls who prefer to stay free of AO and work clean as well as safe.

Therefore, we can see a trend of beautiful girls who choose to skip working in the very livable city of Vienna. They believe that the AO-offering girls are cornering their pay sex market and destroying the prices as well as the overall feel and reputation of the industry itself.

Girls predicted to offer AO service in the immediate future

There’s also a high possibility that other girls will soon follow the example set by many sexworkers in Sex Studios and offer AO service. Loly from Studio La Chica – same studio as Nataly – ( might take the same road Nataly did and begin to offer AO service.

Loly from Studio La Chica

Another girl that we predict to offer AO soon is Claudia – from Studio Relaxe:

Claudia from Studio Relaxe

Although not sure at the moment, Alessia might also begin to offer AO service soon –

Alessia, prostitute from Wien

Despite the growing number of girls offering AO service and of AO Sex Studios, there are still good sex clubs and sex systems in Vienna. Maxim, Goldentime, Babylon –  in which girls can work and keep their dignity intact.

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