Table Dance Bars in Vienna now and then

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Table Dance Bars in Vienna now and then

In the late 90s there was a climax with many table dance bars in Vienna, however this is not the case anymore.

How to make money with no sex?

Back then, brothels were not legal. They were tolerated and not really legal until recently.

Because Austria had already been in the European Union for a while, they had to go by EU’s rules, which meant that only EU residents can work. However, a loophole was soon found that could allow clubs to bring international dancers into Austria. This started the popularity of table dance bars in Vienna.

The Schlüsselkraft loophole

Schlüsselkraft means worker with a key skill. In reality, it refers to scientists, engineers or someone along these lines. However, it didn’t take long for “dancing agencies” to realize that the law wasn’t well defined. So, dancers were also considered as people with a key skill.

The strip business skyrocketed

This had the effect of getting all the prettiest girls to want only to dance and not to have sex for money. In this way they could still make a lot of money and not be called a prostitute.

Business was booming for the strip business. There was a time when there were 10 strip bars in the Center only. Everyone made good money, everyone had good girls.

Even Maxim, the best sex nightclub in Vienna according to this , was a strip bar in that time, called Planet Girls Paradise.

A lot of money, for nothing

And the clients came in, no matter what. It didn’t matter how expensive it was or how stupid it was to pay a lot of money for champagne for a girl that you cannot bang later on. They never opened their legs, it was much easier for them to promise and never deliver.

Champagne was basically flowing in all of the Stripbars in Vienna. Pretty much the golden age of Champagne.

This was the reason why there were so many table dance bars in Vienna in the mid 90s.

Beverly Hills

They were the perfect example of how to make money without the girls having sex with their clients.

Beverly Hills owned pretty much half of the center with their table dance bars.

At that time they owned four such bars:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Big Apple
  • Starclub
  • Rush Hour

One restaurant:

  • Schwimmende Pyramide

And a disco nightclub

  • Celentano

However, their empire was soon doomed to fall, all that’s left now is “Beverly Hills” which is still a table dance bar.

The “Beverly Hills” of nowadays went through some changes of ownership, with Goldentime taking it over for a short time, trying to work it into their system. Still, the original owners took it back recently. It was closed and opened multiple times in the last 12 months.

The “gates” of prostitution have been opened

But then, everything changed with Eastern European countries joining the EU. People from Slovakia, Czech Rep, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries didn’t need a VISA to stay in Austria anymore.

To top that, this change came in the time when prostitution began to be considered a profession. Brothels had again a chance to give work to pretty girls who were ok with having sex for money. And the new members of the EU could provide with as many pretty girls as we wanted, without any need for agencies or key skills.

So, instead of paying let’s say 1000€ for a bottle of the most expensive Champagne for a stripper who will not put out, you could pay 100-200€ for a great time with a real prostitute. Of course, if you like buying her drinks, you can still do that, but they can make it worth your money.

Now, when girls make a promise, they can keep it. Whereas before, what they promised to make you order the most expensive bottles, they never kept it.

This very situation was the dawning of the new brothels that we have now. FKK Saunaclubs, Laufhauses, Sex clubs in general. All are now legal if they follow the regulations. Now, brothels are way more popular than table dance bars in Vienna.

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