Trial reveals false testimony in relation to expensive night with a transsexual prostitute

In a recent trial at the Vienna Regional Criminal Court, a 54-year-old man faced accusations of providing false testimony regarding a costly night with a transsexual prostitute at a brothel. The defendant admitted to withholding information from the police during four separate interrogations.

The defendant started his night in a restaurant in the first district

The sequence of events began on the evening of October 16th last year, when the defendant met with friends at the Schwarzes Kameel, consuming significant amounts of white wine. Later they moved to a bar where the defendant consumed gin with a friend.

After the bar, the 54-year-old man left his friend to go home with a taxi, but he headed over to a brothel.

Later, at least according to his words, he was not able to recall that night but waking up next day, he checked his bank account. He discovered that approximately €20,000 had been transferred during his time at the brothel.

It was revealed that the he had spent a lot of money on services provided by the transsexual prostitute.

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He lied to the police

Despite reporting the incident to the police, the defendant consistently maintained that he had no memory of the evening’s events during four police interrogations.

However, it was revealed during the trial that the defendant had contacted the transsexual sex worker before reporting the incident to the police, requesting the return of a portion of the transferred funds.

Testimony from the prostitute contradicted the defendant’s claims of memory loss, detailing a transaction in which the defendant paid for services rendered.

The defendant was found guilty of providing false testimony, resulting in a sentence of 15 months of suspended imprisonment.

viele euros

As it turned out, he appeared at 10:45 at the brothel and booked two hours with the prostitute, for €300 per hour. After the time elapsed, he booked another two hours, but because of extra services, the price went up to €500 per hour.

After the sex worker had earned €1,600 already, he wanted to finish the work but the defendant pushed him to continue.

The transsexual prostitute said a high, €1,700 per hour price, thinking that the 54-year-old man will find it too much. Apparently, he accepted it, however the sex worker asked the brothel manager to speak with the client.

Finally, the guest left the brothel at nine or ten the next day, spending a huge amount of money.

The prostitute has financial claims

The court emphasized the severity of the defendant’s actions, highlighting the potential consequences for the victim had the false testimony persisted. The defendant’s request for leniency was denied, with the court urging transparency and accountability in legal proceedings.

Moreover, the sex worker wants €7,350 from the defendant for legal fees related to the false testimony. In addition, he also wants €18,000 for those 5 days, while he was in custody and was not able in the brothel. The defendant refused the payment.

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