Brothel owner in Graz demonstrates against illegal prostitution in a strange way

On April 1st, a brothel operator in Graz chose a peculiar method to raise awareness against illegal prostitution in apartments. He placed mannequins outside of his brothel, dressed as prostitutes. This was not the first awareness campaign from his side; last year, he sought “girl testers” via posters, which garnered significant media attention.

He protested against prostitutes who work in apartments

The owner, Wollinger, clarified why he chose provocatively dressed mannequins as a form of protest. He stated that the decision to hold the demonstration on April 1st was deliberate, aimed at once again shedding light on a pressing societal concern.

The primary aim of this initiative, according to Wollinger, is to raise awareness about the resurgence of illegal residential prostitution within the city. His campaign from last year garnered attention, and this year’s spectacle seeks to amplify the message. He emphasized that beyond the imperative of combating criminal activity, there is a substantial economic toll on legitimate businesses such as their own.

Austria has been recognized for its pioneering efforts in regulating the prostitution industry, yet Wollinger contends that more must be done to uphold this standard. Specifically, he advocates for granting the Graz police enhanced authority to effectively address such infractions. Moreover, he calls for the imposition of stricter penalties for violations related to residential prostitution.

The spokesperson of the State Police, Markus Lamb, replied to him. As he said, not counting the sporadic instances of illegal sex work in private apartments, the situation is not as dire as the brothel owner suggests, especially when comparing the current situation with the coronavirus lockdown.

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Independent sex workers operating illegally in private apartments cause significant problems in Vienna as well. A man can never be sure if they have undergone the necessary health checks, and local police officers regularly conduct raids on these apartments, sometimes catching clients and illegal prostitutes red-handed.

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An interview with Krone revealed that the Vienna police conducted 82 checks in the red-light district of Vienna in 2023. During these checks, they inspected 217 apartments and discovered 614 violations of the prostitution act. The typical fines included €200 for unregistered prostitution, €400 for lack of a health book, and another €400 for illegal prostitution in apartments. However, while the overall €1000 fine may seem a seriour amount, it lacks real deterrent value for independent sex workers. Read the details here: In 2023, the police conducted 82 checks in the red-light district of Vienna